Bleacher Report: NBA Comparisons-Projected 2023 Draft Lottery Picks

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November 11, 2022 – Bleacher Report has come up with insights, predictions, forecasts and culled from past performances and used as parallel comparisons to possibly predict 2023’s Draft Lottery Picks. The potential lottery pick for the 2023 NBA draft mirror a variety of different NBA star, quality starter or a mix of multiple pros. 

Kansas freshman guard Gradey Dick: NBA Comparison: Kevin Huerter

This comparison exercise involves looking into individual NBA players’ performance and stats in the past years. For some parallelisms, it can take some imagination on how the prime player compares to the likely candidate. These are also young candidates who have good feedback from scouts. 

Kansas freshman guard Gradey Dick: NBA Comparison: Kevin Huerter

They both possess physiques that are very similar. Gradey Dick (6-foot-8) and Kevin Huerter (6-foot-7) and to this the advantage to be of positional wing and shooting. They both show value in shot-making and the ability to rise over defenders. Huerter became in demand on draft boards by consistent performance and Dick should follow this example by showing extra versatility in shooting and ball handling skills.

They are still keeping safe as off-ball scorers but see them slowly stepping up with Huerter now averaging 16.6 points and 3.2 assists while Dick has his pull-up game and passing skills for secondary playmaking.  

Keyonte George (Baylor, PG/SG, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Jamal Murray

The strength of both players is in their solid frames, three-level shot-making skills, secondary playmaking and limited explosiveness as combo guards.  Both show shooting confidence and versatility to drill jumpers off dribbles and movement. They mirror each other’s abilities as clever scorers and are able to take over key stretches. Both have proven that they can readily set up the points which make them versatile to take on different roles in the gameplay. 

Keyonte George
Keyonte George (Baylor, PG/SG, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Jamal Murray

Scoot Henderson (G League Ignite, PG, 2004): NBA Comparison: Derrick Rose/Russell Westbrook

All three players are similar in how they are explosive ball handlers. All three point guards share the speed, burst and power on their way to the rim. They are able to hang in the air and absorb contact to be reliable finishers. Although all three also share a weakness to be a playmaker, they do have undeniable strength as a scorer. 

Scoot Henderson
Scoot Henderson (G League Ignite, PG, 2004): NBA Comparison: Derrick Rose/Russell Westbrook

GG Jackson (South Carolina, PF, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Christian Wood/Pascal Siakam

GG Jackson’s impressive physique, standing at 6-foot-9, 215 pounds is similar to both players Christian Wood and Pascal Siakam. He also shares the best rim-running, finishing and offensive rebounding showing how comfortable he is at shooting three and making plays off the dribble. He most closely resembles to become another version of Siakam. Jackson just needs to clean up the in-between game when forced to put the ball on the floor is key to reaching offensively. 

Dereck Lively II (Duke, C, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Brook Lopez

Towering at 7-foot-1, 230 pounds, Dereck Lively II physically resembles and moves like Brook Lopez. Lively will have his gameplay focusing on serving as a giant finishing weapon and shot-blocker with a massive reach around the basket. Live also shows that he’s working on getting up his threes at a higher level as well as showcasing his range as a rim protector as well as scoring with one-handers much like Lopez and more. 

Brandon Miller (Alabama, SF, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Ziaire Williams/Jaden McDaniels

The exceptional physical attributes of Brandon Miller’s 6-foot-9 size and wing skills are similar to NBA players Ziaire Williams and Jaden McDaniels. Miller has exhibited early on that he has a clear range and confidence in his shots and has the right tools for guarding both forward spots. Once a team drafts Miller, they’ll have Williams’ shot-making as well as McDaniels’ two-point finishing and defence.  

brandon miller
Brandon Miller (Alabama, SF, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Ziaire Williams/Jaden McDaniels

Nick Smith Jr. (Arkansas, PG/SG, Freshman): NBA Comparison: CJ McCollum

The strong similarity between CJ McCollum and Nick Smith Jr. is their uncanny ability to creatively run and score the point. Smith creates the space with the change of speed and direction. He also is a versatile, three-level scorer with pull-ups, floaters and spot-up shooting. Smith has also shown that he can make passing reads and play the setup role as needed.  

Terquavion Smith (NC State, SG, Sophomore): NBA Comparison: Jordan Poole

Terquavion Smith’s archetype mirrors Jordan Poole as the instant offence scorer who can create his own shot and add shot-making firepower. He is also alike to Poole’s ability to generate one one-on-one offence and drill tough, dribble jumpers. It goes without saying that both players exude confidence as they go about their business leading points in bunches.

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Amen Thompson (Overtime Elite, PG/SG, 2003): NBA Comparison: Ja Morant

The likely comparison with Amen Thompson is picturing a taller Ja Morant. Thompson’s frame of 6-foot-7 came with astounding speed, bounce and flexibility. Just like Morant, Thompson can switch to quick changes in a direction making it utterly impossible to stay in front of him. His sharp point-guard instincts come into play when he needs to get in the game deeper. Defenders do have a hard time with Thompson’s already excellent moves. 

Ausar Thompson (Overtime Elite, SG/SF, 2003): NBA Comparison: Andrew Wiggins

Quickness and athleticism is the power behind Ausar Thompson’s gameplay. This mirrors NBA’s, Andrew Wiggins. Thompson will be considered a valuable player with his prowess in play-finishing and defence initially operating between superior creators and shooters. Thompson has untapped scoring potential and he would need more time to develop this to have a consistent dependable tool. 

Cason Wallace (Kentucky, PG/SG, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Jrue Holiday

Cason Wallace’s strengths in defensive impact, his combo-guard level and his ability to produce plays are reflected in NBA’s Jrue Holiday’s strategies and skills, too. Both have earned a reputation for applying tough ball pressure and guarding multiple positions. Playing offence is also a witty tool that comes in handy with scoring and playmaking on the spot.  

Dariq Whitehead (Duke, SG/SF, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Bennedict Mathurin/Harrison Barnes

NBA Bennedict Mathurin’s tools and shot-making versatility are found in Dariq Whitehead’s strengths, too. The Duke freshman does need to work on his athleticism to bring his game to a higher level that can carry him into the game more effectively. He can also take on the path of Harrison Barnes as a complementary scorer and role player. Whitehead has played similarly to Mathurin when creating their own shot around the perimeter with pull-ups and step-backs or off-screen shooting.  

Dariq Whitehead (Duke, SG/SF, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Bennedict Mathurin/Harrison Barnes

Cam Whitmore (Villanova, SF, Freshman): NBA Comparison: OG Anunoby/Jaylen Brown

Given five more years of focus and direction, Cam Withmore will become a heavyweight with qualities similar to both players OG Anunoby and Jaylen Brown. Currently relying on his strength and explosiveness for scoring and racking up easy baskets, Whitmore has his 6-foot-7, 232-pound frame a solid wall of defence. Further honing his skills to level up in self-creation and three-level shot-making will have him one of the strongest contenders on the court. 

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Jarace Walker (Houston, PF, Freshman): NBA Comparison: Julius Randle/Tari Eason

Jarace Walker exhibits the qualities of two players, Julius Randle and Tari Eason. Walker, has an impressive physique at 6-foot-8, 240 pounds. He resembles Julius Randle’s build as well as ball-handling, passing and shot-making versatility. He mirrors how Tari Eason plays defensively with his ability to guard both forward spots and make athletic plays on the ball. Walker will be one to watch out for in the games. 

Victor Wembanyama (Metropolitans 92, PF/C, 2004): NBA Comparison: Anthony Davis/Chet Holmgren

Victor Wembanyama is the Defensive Player of the Year and has the potential to lead the NBA in blocks. He also stands out having the scoring skills and fluidity to pull them off. Wembanyama mirrors Chet Davis’ rim play, post jumpers and comfort level. Chet Holmgren’s abilities to cover ground fast and possesses outstanding instincts are also seen with Wambanyama.  

Players to watch out for and a clear impression of what they have and will potentially become as part of the NBA roster. We hope you enjoyed a summary of the bleacher report. Let us know what else would you like us to feature here about NBA or any topic you’re interested in. Hear from you soon!

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