Playing Bingo has been enjoyed by generations. This game was played during big gatherings like fiestas, fund-raising events, holidays and the like. Deceptively boring at the first stages, it reaches a feverish point when almost everyone is about to be able to shout, “Bingo!”, as a winner. The whole family enjoys trips to bingo halls and has a blast if they happen to have winning games. Bingo is one of the most sociable games in the world.

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Online Bingo

Online bingo also tried to mimic the thrill and fun with its games. Bingo online now offers an ever-growing variety of bingo for each market niche. Developers of online bingo are very aware of different preferences and tastes that they mirror these on their games, too. We’ve gathered bingo tips on how the absolute beginner and the tenured online bingo enthusiast can make the most of bingo online games and increase the odds a bit in their favour. Read on for bingo tips, and enjoy!

Top Tips on How to Win at Playing Bingo

Bingo is a game that can be considered parallel to the lottery. The winning numbers are drawn randomly and the winner has the card that matches the numbers that pop up. A typical bingo game uses 75 or 90 numbers and you’d need to match a pre-determined pattern of numbers as they are called out.

The “dealer” or caller in bingo keeps drawing numbers until someone calls out, “Bingo”. It can also happen that there is a set of winners, too. Again, there is no sure pattern on which numbers are winners or which cards have more chances of winning. Winning numbers are very randomly generated.

Here are tips that can spark more hope and add some structure to one’s game to increase the odds of winning — again, it’s not absolute and you’ll still need good luck to be on your side.

  1. Tippett’s system: for a 75-ball game. If it’s a short game where fewer balls are drawn, the numbers from 1 to 18 or 58 to 75 are more likely to be called. In the reverse, if there are more balls drawn it’s more likely that they’ll fall into the range of 19 to 57.
  2. Granville’s system: The hypothesis comes from how numbers are called out randomly, it’s best to get the biggest net to catch them. Therefore, choose bingo cards that contain as even a distribution as possible of numbers ending in all digits from 0 to 9, as even a distribution as possible of even numbers and as even a distribution as possible of high and low numbers. 
  3. Pragmatic: Buy more cards to increase your chances of winning. As with the lotto, bingo online would definitely have the odds of winning higher if you have more cards on your wager. This does take practice especially if you’re in an in-person game.
  4. Be aware of how many cards are in play. Bingo online makes this known before a player enters the game. Try to go for less crowded rooms to increase the winning odds. However, most jackpots are tied into larger rooms. If you prefer a larger pot, but in a crowded room, it’s best to have a larger number of cards to play, too.
  5. Cards bought in bulk make games less expensive. Take advantage of online casinos which offer a discount on cards. You’ll be able to spread the cost of buying cards across more games. 
  6. The best time to play is when there are fewer players. This is so that the game is longer to finish. Having longer games also makes you feel that you’re getting the most value out of your wager. It also helps enjoy the game at a leisurely pace as well as have higher odds of winning.
  7. Watch out for online casinos offering free Bingo play with real money at stake. These bonuses and freebies with the online casino advance you small sums of “house credit” as a bonus when you register.
  8. More chances to win prizes if you join the online chat room. This is not solely for socializing but there will be a moderator there and they can occasionally offer up special prizes. It’s worth the try.
  9. Always remember that you can opt to change bingo cards if you want to do so. It does take practice to quickly scan the ones you’d prefer. Especially if you’re going to try the Tippett or Granville systems of play.
  10. Avoid progressive bets or side bets. The chances of winning a progressive bet are less than the chances of winning a regular game.
  11. Plan beforehand. Make sure that you have those set of number combinations in mind when you’re going bingo online. You can then quickly choose the right cards that fit your preferences. If for in-person bingo halls, have a ready bingo kit on hand. Nothing will distract you from the game.
  12. Know which Bingo Style you’d like to play. USA Style bingo favours the 75-ball game. Numbers for the B column contain only 1 to 15, the I only has numbers 16 to 30 and so on. This allows more winning patterns than the UK Style of play. For UK Style bingo, this favours the 90-ball game. Numbers are arranged in 3 rows of 9 columns each. Each column is assigned a range of numbers, (1 to 10, 11 to 20, etc.). If in-person bingo playing, tickets are printed in groups or strips of 6 so that all 90 appear somewhere along the 6 tickets.

Important List to Look for Before Playing Online Bingo 

It is absolutely critical that you’d need to carefully choose which online bingo site you’ll enjoy the game on. We wouldn’t want you to stray toward scams or fraudulent sites at all. Here’s why we’ve gathered a detailed guide on how to choose the sites with a keen, sharp eye to spot one. We have also recommended the best online bingo game sites, too. Here’s a way to tell if the online bingo site is for real or otherwise.

  1. Look up the reviews online as well as the number of folks playing on the site or app. Having very high figures on the number of players shows the popularity and legitimacy of the bingo online page or app. It’s also a good factor if the site has been around for a considerable amount of time. Fake or bad sites won’t have that staying power because they do trip up and get banned or lose players immediately. 
  2. Licensed and regulated by the government. All online bingo is duly licensed and regulated by PAGCOR. If you don’t see them on the list of legitimate companies, nor have any indication they are licensed, don’t go there. You can scroll down to the very bottom of their page and there is a block of text that guarantees their legitimacy. You can also contact them to verify. But, it’s best to simply stay a mile away.
  3. Check if they have a strong social media presence. Legitimate online bingo games span several or all social media platforms. You can check their Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account and some even dabble with their own official YouTube channel. They reach out to you and are unafraid to be transparent. Netizens will pounce on any fraudulent site and scammers tend to hide to keep existing. A constantly updated social media account is also a good sign that there’s a solid team providing good service to its customers.
  4. The more payment options available, the better. A legitimate bingo online site or app would have at least four payment options on hand for any player. They would need to present their license to financial institutions to also accept them as a client. Strict and stringent criteria are applied before a go-ahead is given as well. If there are just one or two payment options, it’s best to walk away and not take a second look. This shows that the site is too small and is unable to offer a solid foundation on safety and security by bigger sites. Payment options are also found at the bottom of the page.
  5. A standard 2x wagering is a good sign. If you have scanned online bingo sites, there are usually offers and bonuses after you make an initial deposit to be able to play. The legitimate sites most often require you to wager at most twice before you can withdraw winnings. If an online bingo site wants you to wager five times or more, avoid it. This is not a requirement at all under the Terms and Conditions clauses.
  6. A variety of games offered is a step in the right direction. Licensed online gaming sites not only carry bingo but also a variety of bingo games as well as a host of other casino games like slots. In this way, they can provide you with reasons to stay on and keep playing. They have no intention to get you bored or discouraged. 
  7. Promos are always updated. Legitimate sites always have something new to offer to entice new players as well as keep their loyal clientele. These sites always show that customers are taken care of via a great customer service team who are dependable and offers reliable help. You can also check the feedback of fellow bingo players. Social media pages also display recent winners as proof that their online bingo business is trustworthy.
  8. They have an excellent customer support team. This is one very reliable factor to check if a site is legitimate. There is a dedicated team of people who will be able to help you out — especially when it comes to paying to play and withdrawing winnings. Normally, there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions as a guide for players. Their policies such as the Terms and Conditions are easily accessible for customers to check. Having great customer service also reflects the online bingo site values the customers.

e-Bingos in the Philippines

 When the e-Bingos sprouted, it rapidly grew in leaps and bounds. The familiarity and popularity of Bingo helped a great lot to make e-Bingo a very successful venture. We have gathered the best of the lot here for you. Feel free to check them out and see what would have you enjoy online bingo most. After all, we do have our own individual preferences and expectations on what makes an e-bingo-playing experience first class.

List of Registered e-Bingos in the Philippines

Here are the top sites to go to using GCash for your online bingo game

  • 20bet Casino: Welcome bonus: 100% of up to 7,000 PHP
  • 22Bet: Welcome bonus: 100% up to 18,000 PHP
  • 1XBET: Welcome bonus: 100% up to 5,400PHP
  • BitStarz: Welcome bonus: 100% up to $100 + 180 Free Spins

We hope that we were able to sort things out on our guide here for online bingo. You don’t need to worry about which site bingo online is legitimately offered. It’s still best to check them out for yourselves first. In this way, you can really know which online bingo site is the perfect fit for you. Simply stay on the game while you’re having fun and are within your allotted budget for playing. You are in control of a losing streak by simply stopping and quitting ahead if this is happening. You’ll have another chance to play online bingo and it hopefully turns out to be one of the best bingo days, too.

Online Bingo FAQs:

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