They say slay the slots for it is one of the easiest, most popular and most sought-after of casino games both online and traditional. It has also been a muse to writers, artists and rap musicians. Slot machines vividly carry the iconic image of how casinos are. This is why we’re also creating a great slew of slots tips and tricks for you guys. 

slot machine casino game

Slot machines are definitely here to stay. It has evolved with the boom of online casino games very well. We’ll help you get the most of slot machines. Our slots tips can somewhat be surprising and a tad unorthodox. We’ll take a deep dive into how our beloved slot game works as well as where to find the best and biggest slot machine jackpots around. Let’s roll!

Top 10 Tips for Playing Online Slots

Why would we play if we’re not playing to win? Ain’t this so right, guys? Here’s a rundown on slot machine tips to build the odds better in your favor. 

  1. Hunt for more frequent payouts: If you’re looking for bigger chances of winning a progressive jackpot go for a game with a relatively small jackpot in place. These are the ones that pay out most often.
  2. Take care of your Bankroll: Make sure you have planned out how much you’d like to spend and what you can afford to lose. Never go beyond this threshold.
  3. Paylines are important to consider: Take the time to find out how many paylines are there in your chosen slot game. This will also play on better chances of winning.
  4. Eagle eye for bonus rounds: You can unlock free spins and bonus rounds to increase your chances of winning in slot machines. Find out where they are and how to play them.
  5. Go for top Casinos. The best casinos have excellent customer service teams. This is synonymous with how easily you can withdraw your winnings. Make sure that the casino you choose is trustworthy, regulated by a government agency and licensed as well.
  6. Dive in and join a slots club: Online casinos most likely have Slots Clubs.  Many online casinos have Slots Clubs where you can interact, mingle and get the best slot machine tips with fellow slot enthusiasts. Along with this, you’ll have the benefits of the club. They come with extra bonuses like cashback, special offers and other freebies.
  7. Winning doesn’t need to be complicated: when it comes to slot machines, the more complex the game is would mean more money has been invested. You can bet that the chances of winning in said slot machines can be thinner. The simple, traditional ones may well have your chances to win at a higher percentage. 
  8. Pace yourself, no hurries: don’t get caught up with the fast-paced nature of online slots. Just relax, think of your next moves and keep a keen eye on bonus games to increase your chances of winning at slots. 
  9. Make BIG Progressive Jackpots a prime agenda: Yes, smaller jackpots pay out more often but if you’re going for the gold, seek the ones with the biggest possible winnings. 
  10. Keep a journal of Bonus Codes and Promos: Loyal customers and beginners are often rewarded by online casinos. Best to have those bonus codes coming and take advantage of promos. They never stop giving as long as you never stop searching.

Learn and Understand How to Play your Slot

There are three basic and critical factors to learn and understand about how to play slot machines:

  1. You need to first select the number of lines you’d like to play and the amount of your bet per spin. This is important to pace your game and manage your bankroll — preventing you from going beyond the threshold.
  2. Next, hit the spin button to start the reels. Once they stop, you’ll get your winnings based on the symbols lined up on your paylines.
  3. All you’d need is to get at least three connecting symbols to win a prize. Do note that if you decide to go to a multi-playline slot machine, you can also win with symbols that connect diagonally as well as horizontally.
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Ways How to Beat Slots

Believe it or not, there are ways how to have your odds of winning increased in the slot machine gamespace. Here are some of the tips we can vouch for:

  • Look at the number of paylines of any given slot machine. This will be shown on the game’s webpage. You can immediately gauge your chances of winning from there.
  • Scout for the games which offer the best odds for players. In this way, you are in control of the slot machine gameplay.
  • Keep track of how the winnings are with progressive jackpots before they are triggered. This can lead to finding out the right time to take over and place your bets. This is not an exact science at all but the more you know about the game, the higher your odds of winning.

Do’s and Don’ts Tips to Win at Slots Machine

We’ve gathered our experts on slot machines and asked them for top slot machine tips to increase the chances of winning in the game: 

  1. Choose your game carefully: No two slot machines are the same. Each has different RTPs or Return to Player rates. It’s best to go for a game with a high RTP percentage rate. Check this information immediately as you choose your online casino.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. Before gunning for real money plays, take time to experience how the different slot machines work out with free online slot machine games. You’ll be able to scan their unique traits and quirks, too. Take advantage of free spins and bonus rounds. Free games offer you the chance to sharpen up and get ready for the big ones.
  3. Get familiar with the pay table: The pay table features the value of each symbol and which ones are very lucrative. There will also be information on wild symbols and scatters.
  4. Always plan your bankroll. Don’t go over your budget. This is very important for every casino game. Don’t ever bet on the money you can’t afford to lose.
  5. Smaller jackpots are best: Progressive jackpots are tempting without a doubt but if you’re after enjoying the game with the real possibility of winning some — the best bet is on slot machines with smaller jackpots.

Our Top 5 Slot Machines

When playing slot machines, it’s hugely important to know which game you’ll be choosing to play. In our experience, the best odds of a payout come from low volatility slots. They are slot machines that pay out less significant sums BUT more frequently. To help you out, we prepare our top five favourites:


Thunderstruck II

Mermaid’s Millions


Triple Diamond

Ready to use our Slots Tips & Tricks

You’re now ready with the know-how with the slot machine tips we prepared for you. May the slot tips forever have the odds in your favour. Always remember that you are in control of choosing which game you’ll be playing. You can either go for the big bucks or have a grand time as well with the smaller jackpots available. 

It’s also very important to have fun. After all, the thrill, the music, the theme — all the perks that an online casino can provide you will be part of your slot machine playing experience. If you find yourself caught up with the fast-paced game — just step back. This can give you a clearer perspective on your next move. Have a blast and get your chances of winning at a high plane.

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