Black is deceptively simple when one watches it as it’s played. But the details behind the scenes is what makes the blackjack game one of the favourites in casino games. We’ve gathered the most popular blackjack tips for you here for beginners and seasoned players alike. Blackjack tips can complement your gameplay. 

Blackjack tips do include taking a detailed look into the house edge and blackjack odds. Card counting is a blackjack trick that most players adopt and practice discreetly. You can also see how betting systems can influence outcomes and make blackjack even more thrilling to play.

Blackjack Tips to Win

Building on the right mindset is one sure way to set the stage — in this case, the game table — to be in your favour. A cool, calm collected stance is a sure blackjack trick that can help you see which move to make, and what betting system to wager on.

Here are our other blackjack tips:

  • Always work within the budget you set for the game. Keeping this as a golden rule when playing any game will have you in a good mindset to play, and have fun but stay safe and sane, too. 
  • Tips to win at blackjack also mean betting reasonably not carelessly. Pace yourself and consider betting systems that you see fit for your blackjack game strategy.
  • Blackjack tips mean practice until this becomes second nature. You’re now surefooted and have tested your blackjack tips to win that it just flows in your game.

Using Your Blackjack Hands Explained

Blackjack is short, sweet and dynamic. You’d need to be aware of how your hands are played against the dealers and fellow blackjack players.

Here are some blackjack tips and tricks to consider:

  • Two-Face Cards Should Not be Split. A common oversight by beginners, splitting face cards or cards with a 10 value has this misconception that splitting them would double their winnings. One is actually lessening the chances of becoming near 21 or topping a good 20 hand if these cards are split. 
  • Aces and 8s are always split. A good blackjack tip will have Aces split. This will increase the odds of getting favourable combinations as the game moves forward. The 8s are split for they are difficult to work within a hand. The dreaded grey value of 16 — not really a winning hand and not really safe to consider a hit — is better split with the hope of better combinations played later on.
using your blackjack hands

Blackjack Betting System

With the fast-paced game of Blackjack, the betting system evolved with it. There are many different ways to sequence how you bet depending on how the game is trending on your game table. Here’s a short rundown on the different betting systems:

  1. Martingale: Bets are doubled when losing and when on a winning gamble, you wipe out with one big bet. Very risky
  2. d’Alembert: Bets are raised one unit every time one loses. Wins, bets lowered by one unit. 
  3. Fibonacci: Each bet is the sum of two previous bets. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 — following the Fibonacci math sequence.
  4. 1-3-2-6: Bets are 1, 3, 2 and 6 units consecutively. Unit bets only go up if the player wins. If the player loses, they remain on 1 unit until they win again 
  5. Parlay: The positive progression betting system. If one wins player will bet on winning and the original bet. If a player loses, only the original bet is placed.
  6. Oscar’s Grind: Bets increase by one unit if the player wins. For every win, bets are doubled again.
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House Edge & Odds: How does it work?

Be assured that reputable casinos — both online and brick-and-mortar — aim to always have fair play for all customers. The house edge comes in when there are games that are played over time. The average house edge when it comes to blackjack is 2 to 3%. House edge basically means the average percentage of all money paid by players that that casino expects to keep. 

The chances of getting this percentage down to 0.5% would be to practice card counting. This early, card counting is almost impossible to do with online blackjack games but with traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, this can be done even if there are multiple decks in play. 

Here’s a general figure on how the house edge differs:

  • Regular Blackjack: 0.5%
  • European Blackjack: 0.62%
  • Atlantic City Blackjack: 0.36%

There are some blackjack games that feature ‘late surrender’ which has a lower house edge, to begin with. Again, just having a basic strategy to heart would carry you to better odds against the house edge.

Ready to play blackjack and use these tips to the test?

Now that you know a lot of blackjack tips and tricks, wouldn’t want to fire away and test things out? Take small steps first and have a great blackjack game with friends and family. Playing blackjack with a slew of other players can make one sharp with card counting and still be discreet. Taking a bird’s eye view on things, it’s a matter of being aware of how things are running and making sure it’s running towards your favour. A kick of balancing how your bets roll is also a good thing to remember. Things really become interesting as you get to know more about how it works backstage.


Where to play blackjack games with real money? 

If you’re wanting to focus online, just choose the best online casinos that feature blackjack as part of their roster. It’s best to have GCash as your payment method. Most online casino blackjack tables have this as one of the easiest ways to pay for a game and to also withdraw one’s winnings.

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Where can we play free blackjack for fun? 

You can always choose to play blackjack with friends and family for good-natured practice. They might also have a trick or two up their sleeve. There are also various free online blackjack games that offer welcome bonuses for first-time gamers, too. 

Is blackjack free to play online? 

Yes, there are a lot of choices nowadays when it comes to playing blackjack online for free. A good rule to remember would be to make sure that the site is also in good standing as a safe and secure environment to be in. Even if you’re playing for free, you should still consider that these sites respect your rights to privacy and fair play.

Are there free downloadable mobile blackjack games and apps? 

There is a lot to choose from now when it comes to free downloadable mobile blackjack games and apps. Just make sure to check out the reviews first and see if the site is also recognized by gaming authorities. It’s still good practice that they carry accountability and abide by set standards.

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