It has one of the humblest of beginnings but is now a strong contender in online casino games. The Color game started out as a truly hand-made contraption where there were artisan dice gigantic in size and manual mechanization that enables the dealer to randomly toss the dice. The game complemented the fairgrounds as it was very bright and very lively indeed. 

perya color game

Color game online has also matched this nostalgic atmosphere, especially for players who have known the game since childhood while hanging out in peryas that seasonally appear in their own barangays. Color game online has the same festive flair and theme that also attract newer players. The recent growth and expansion of online color games introduced new apps that not only offer options on bonuses and freebies but also very interesting themes. Read on as we present to you the beloved Color Game.

Color Game: How Does it Work?

The objective of the color game is to predict the color of three dice after rolling. At this early point in our story, the color game is purely a game of chance. 

Players select a color or color combination at each turn. The wager is then placed in the corresponding area. Players are free to choose multiple areas to bet on simultaneously.

The areas to bet on having 6 color areas. This is just the basic option. Some online color game apps have diversified this and made the areas more interesting. For example, players can choose color combinations where the odds are very high. This helps in the thrill and lively nature of the game.

Color Game in the Philippines

The Color Game or Color Game Perya as more popular known largely found its roots in the traveling perya or seasonal perya or fair. The color game perya became a central point of activity whenever the temporary thoroughfares set up shop at the barangay town plaza or barangay town park. 

The pinoy color game kept growing in popularity as time passed. It soon took over as the main attraction of peryas rather than the rides or the other games the fair had to offer. The color game perya eventually found its way into becoming a truly pinoy color game online. It started as small mushrooms of apps and now has become a fully lucrative pinoy color game online that one can earn from if there are strategies in play.

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Basic Rules of Color Game

The Color Game is very simple. The first thing to remember is to place a bet or several bets on individual colors. Once the dice are rolled and the color the player picked matches, they win.

Casinos will also consider different rewards if there are multiple matches made. The more players bet on, the more chances of winning.

The other point to remember would be players can bet on the combined color area. This is called the side bet. This can be of the same color or of different color combinations. The odds of the same color are higher while the odds of the differently colored combinations are lower.

How to Win Color Game?

Our best tip to win at the Color Game would be to first, decide on how much you’ll bankroll for the game. In this way, you won’t be tempted to bet more than you could afford to lose. The Color Game is truly a game of chance and there are no hard and fast patterns to follow that would lead to a sure win.

Our second best tip would be to practice using the free online version of Color Game. In this way, you can be familiar with how things are working. You can opt to always wager on the same color combination that has higher odds. The smart player pauses and paces to get the most out of the game.

Color Game with Real Money

There are already a number of online casinos which include the Color Game in their roster of games. There are also apps that include this option. You do have to practice before diving into real money wagers. Once you do decide to go and take a gamble, scout around for the best offers. These can range from welcome offers, bonuses, free plays and the like. Another is to check if it’s a safe and secure site. The third would be to see how easy it is to pay to play and withdraw your winnings.

Top 5 Best Downloadable Color Game Online Apps for Free

Most available online Color Game apps are free and downloadable. There are also versions that are available offline as well as possible to play on the PC. We gathered the top Five best downloadable Color Game Online for you. Here you go:

Now that you’ve had a taste of what the Color Game is, check out the free online apps and get some practice going. You will discover how fun this game of chance is. Invite your friends and family over to play with you online as well. Add in some good food to munch on while you’re enjoying the color game and have a blast.


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