Forbes magazine has gathered some of the most extraordinary useful info and insights into the sport Filipinos love dearly, basketball and the league we hold near our hearts, the NBA. We’d like to share with you a condensed summary of these details that will surely help you enjoy the game as well as wager on your favourite teams. Have a blast, folks!

What makes a great NBA betting site? 

There are a lot of NBA betting sites around and it can get daunting to be able to immediately spot a good site while shopping for top choices.  To cut through the clutter and noise, here are several things that can help pinpoint what to look for in a great NBA betting site: 

Presents the best NBA odds straightaway

Sportsbooks who are wanting to provide the best odds will rise up above the rest. You can easily see this on one side of a given bet — can be at the money line, point spread or totals column. Once you get used to the orientation on where the odds are usually placed, it’s easy to shop around for the best odds among the sportsbooks online. 

Complementing this would be a very nimble broadcast of updates. The sportsbook will always keep the bettor aware of real-time news that may influence the odds of the game. This can be a change in the roster of players, an injury and the like without the bettor needing to search for this detail.

Best Odds are connected to a diverse number of bet choices

A solid and diverse array of bets with playable odds will have bettors able to quickly scan for what to wage on. All NBA sportsbooks should have a standard array of bets for every game and money lines, points spread and totals (over/under) should be featured.

The preferable edge that will make the sportsbook worth your time would also be offering at most hundreds of other best-for NBA games. The extra mile of providing a complete smorgasbord to choose from. Here are some of the bet choices that can add more spice to your wager:

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Player props: bets on a specific player’s stats/performance

  • Game props: bets on events within a game but not tied to the outcome
  • Same-game parlays: wagers combining multiple individual bets on a given game

Generally speaking, the more markets, the better. Sportsbooks can get into offering bets on whether there will be overtime, first-basket scorer, player three-pointer totals and many more.

Bonuses and promos

Top NBA betting sites offer various bonuses and promos all the time. This usually starts with a welcome bonus. Some offer a deposit match — offering extra betting credit based on the first deposit. There are risk-free first bets where this is refunded in the form of free bets if the first wager loses.

There will be ongoing promos that will help you have a great time on the site or app:

  • Parlay insurance: receive your wager amount back if all legs hit except one.
  • Odds boost: amp up the odds on your bet for a better payout.
  • Refer-a-friend: share a registration link with a friend, and you’ll both earn free bets if they sign up, make a deposit and wager. 

Live betting

This is one of the most exciting and thrilling of all bets offered. There can be a sudden turn of events that can influence wagers and most of all odds. The best NBA betting sites should be at pace with these changes and updates and allow you to place bets without delay. 

Wagering is fast and easy

The last criterion in play is the high-level speed and functionality. The page loads quickly, inputs swiftly and gets you where you need to go in real time. Menus are intuitive and straightforward. Just a few taps or mouse clicks away from where you want to go. The interface should be clean and easy to understand not an overcrowded, visually noisy and hard-to-navigate session. 

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Top NBA online sportsbooks

Finally, after bringing you to the same page on what makes an NBA Online Betting site excellent, here are the recommended top NBA Online Sportsbooks.

  • Top-notch experience for NBA bettors from start to finish.
  • The NBA page includes full game lines plus first-half game lines. 
  • A lot of information is available at glance tips.
  • Highly intuitive page. It begins with the standard bets, then dives deeper into the well of props. First-half totals, alternate spreads, winning margin and “race to” bets are all featured.
  • Has premade one-game parlays, check out player props and peruse the featured bets for a given game.
  • Has competitive NBA odds and admirable market depth. It’s a great choice if you’re a regular NBA bettor.
  • The welcome bonus is a risk-free first bet of up to $1,000.

  • Has upwards of 200 markets per NBA game, all with competitive odds that often outdo the competition.
  • Selecting an NBA game brings you to a page with money line, point spread and totals bets laid out in an easy-to-understand interface. From there, you can expand your options to include live bets (if a game is in progress), game props and others.
  • The Nav bar displays other betting categories, such as same-game parlays, popular bets, player specials and many others.
  • The BetRivers bonus is a $500 second-chance bet, which is essentially a risk-free bet.

  • Offers the best odds at par with competitors. Has same-game parlays, player props, game props and a deep selection of markets you can bet.
  • Displays the standard bets for any matchup, plus intriguing player props like double-double or triple-double. These are more prominent at Caesars than in other apps, making the site a good choice if you prefer more-specific player props.
  • The welcome bonus is a risk-free first bet up to $1,250 (one of the best risk-free offers on the market), plus 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits. It’s a solid choice if you plan to use Caesars for a while or play online casinos.

  • One of the industry’s biggest. Has a ton of NBA bets, making it a good option for eager NBA fans looking to make wagers.
  • As a welcome bonus, DraftKings will match 20% of your first deposit up to $1,000.
  • The interface is fast and intuitive. Open a given game, and you’ll see the “enable same-game parlay” option at the top of the screen. This allows you to filter bets, so you only see wagers eligible for a same-game parlay. Leave the option untoggled for all NBA bets.
  • The moneyline, point spread and totals appear first. Below them, there are pre-built same-game parlays you can place. Other player props follow, including points, rebounds, assists, three-pointers and more. You can also filter at the top to find the bets you’re seeking.
  • There are hundreds of NBA bets while basketball season is happening.

  • The welcome bonus is a first bet up to $1,000. If your first bet loses, you’ll get the wager amount back in free bets.
  • You can place all sorts of NBA bets once you have a FanDuel account. 
  • They have the best variety in terms of basketball bets. One unique bet type is the “method of first basket” wager. You can bet on who will score first and how (dunk, free throw, layup, etc.). These props carry long odds, but if you pick them correctly, you could win a nice chunk of change.
  • Has the most expansive same-game parlay portfolios. Combine several SGPs into a single mega-parlay. These tickets usually have astronomical odds, so exercise caution.
  • The layout is simple and intuitive from all angles.

  • Started in Australia. Fast becoming the app of choice for betting on the NBA and other major sports. 
  • At par in terms of rewards, features as top competitors
  • Offers PointsBetting, a type of wager where your margin of victory or loss determines your payout (or your loss). Ideal for high-risk, high-reward bettors.
  • Has the “Name Your Bet” feature. You can place a wager via Twitter if PointsBet doesn’t have it.  The oddsmakers will post it on the sportsbook and set odds if it’s a reasonable bet.
  • Always available are excellent odds boosts and ongoing promos, which you can use for NBA bets. 
  • New users get two risk-free bets: one fixed odds wager up to $500 and one PointsBetting wager up to $1,500. You can use both on NBA bets if you choose.

Can You Bet on the NBA from a Mobile Device?

With the mobile device fast becoming the preferred method of bettors, the answer is a resounding yes. The developers have made sure that the app or online sportsbook will function smoothly on both Android or iOS. There are apps readily available in the IOS App store or Google Play. 

The ease of being able to conveniently wager wherever you may be — without lugging around a laptop — has also brought about the mobile front and centre of bettors as of late, especially for in-game wagers. All you’d need is a stable, reliable internet connection.

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