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Sports and betting on its outcome have been near and dear to Filipino gaming enthusiasts. History shows that this has been happening since the 16th century. Currently, online sports betting in the Philippines is part of a 6 billion dollar industry and is still growing. There are excellent online sports betting sites that offer players bonuses, rewards and promos, especially for the beginner.

best online sports betting sites in the Philippines
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Be assured dear reader, that the best online sports betting in the Philippines is legal and regulated by PAGCOR. This has been ongoing since 2008. PAGCOR has been granting licenses to private Philippine sportsbooks. The processes are strictly adhered to making it safe and secure for online sports betting. 

We’ve prepared all the tools, tips and how-tos for you guys. We also feature the best online sports betting Philippines sites here. This is to help make sure that you won’t have a difficult time starting on the right foot when it comes to online sports betting. Have a grand time reading and may this help you find the best one to wager on.

Top 10 Best-rated Online Sports Betting Sites

Here are some of the best-rated online sports betting sites Philippines. This is largely based on the amazing bonuses that they regularly give out to beginners and loyal patrons alike. You can do a little research if their sites suit your preferences, especially the choice of sports to bet on. They offer options on payment providers that can spell the difference on how easily you can deposit to play and withdraw your winnings:

Bk8 Philippines100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5000 PHP 
22Bet PhilippinesBonus Up To PHP7,500 
20Bet Philippines100% Sports First Deposit Bonus UP TO €100
Astekbet Philippines100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5400 PHP 
Melbet Philippines100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5600 PHP 
1xbet Philippines100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5400 PHP 
Shangrila Philippines100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5700 PHP 
Pnxbet Philippines100% Bonus Up To PHP5,000 
Yonibet PhilippinesFree Bet Up To €50

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How to Bet on Sports Online

To start betting on online sports, you just need to open a new account at your chosen Philippines sports betting site. It only takes a considerably short amount of time to do so. Note that the number of forms and the required details to provide differ from site to site.

Here are the steps on how to get started on online sports betting:

  1. Go to your preferred Online Sports Betting Website or App. Make sure that you’ve already done your research and are now ready to dive into the best online sports betting site or app for your preferred gaming. Just head to their page or app and click on Register or Sign Up.
  2. Online registration or app registration. There are important details that are required. Among these are your full name, address, date of birth, contact details, and your own created username and password. Make sure your password is strong and meets the minimum security requirement.
  3. Get ready with your initial deposit to play. The next step after creating your account would be to deposit your starting funds. This is just usually picking your preferred currency and payment method or provider. You do need to consider which is the best payment that can match what your online betting site or app provides. It does make a difference in how easily you can make a deposit again and also withdraw your winnings later on. 
  4. Choose the sport you’d like to bet on. Online Sports Betting sites also differ in how the pages are laid out. They also have different themes to match their market. Most sportsbooks have their range of sports choices at the top of the page or the left-hand side. Just scan the details page and get familiar with where things are. You can now follow through and the sport you’d like to bet on: specific match or market, price to add to your bet slip.
  5. Be ready for account verification before withdrawing winnings. The next important step to consider is how to collect your winnings. Just have a valid government-issued ID on hand or any ID that features your photo. Most online sports betting sites require this before any withdrawal of winnings happens. They may also ask for the same ID you used when you first signed up. It’s a way to prevent any stolen cards from completing a transaction as well as prevent money laundering and underage gambling.

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How to Rank Online Sports Betting Sites 

The most important step when it comes to enjoying online sports betting would be to choose the sportsbook’s site or app that will cater to your own unique preferences.

Here’s how we reviewed the operators we feature here on our page. This will also help you determine the best one for your game:

  1. Trustworthiness and Reputation. This spells the difference between a good online sportsbook and a not-so-good one. They have withstood the test of time as well as feedback and reviews by fellow bettors who have been on online sports betting themselves. Be assured that the sites we feature on our page are reputable and trustworthy. The one sportsbook that has held strong is 22Bet. They have been known globally and have had players staying with them for years.
  2. Presents the best Odds. This is not a very important consideration among bettors for no sportsbook can claim that they have the edge over another when it comes to presenting the best odds of winning. But our team did look into this for you guys and found that 1xBet has a strong level of betting odds across a large variety of sports.
  3. Tools and Features to choose from. Online sports betting sites do need to sharpen up their edge in a continual market. This is why they can offer extra features like BetBuilders or Live Streaming as a part of their product. The best live streaming would be Shangrila which regularly offers this perk.
  4. Your favourite sports are important. The Pinoy bettor will always go for beloved games of boxing, basketball, tennis and volleyball. One has to consider that these sports are always featured big and grand in their chosen online sports betting site. The sites well-known for this are 1xBet and 22Bet.
  5. Ease of navigating and intuitive usability. You shouldn’t have a difficult time finding your way around on your chosen online sports betting site Philippines. This is one big consideration for any Pinoy sports enthusiast. Yonibet won’t disappoint despite being a considerably new player in the market. 
  6. Bonuses, offers and rewards. With all the competition out there online, almost every top online sports betting site offers deals that are too hard to resist. These new customer deals can also be detrimental to the site but there is one who can carry on these promos to encourage every bettor to stay. This is BK8.

Top 3 Sports Betting App

It is indisputable and without a doubt that the market for mobile online sports betting is an astoundingly huge market with over 40 million smartphone users in the Philippines alone. This is why most of the top and best sportsbooks available in the country also adapted to this to tap into potential game enthusiasts.

BK8 Philippines: 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5000 PHP

bk8 mobile app

22Bet Philippines: 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 7500 PHP

22bet mobile app

Betfair Philippines: £10 Referral Offer

There are sportsbooks that offer an app you can download on your phone or if there isn’t an app readily available, they have an optimized site that can be seen in portrait mode on your mobile web browser. 

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the Philippines’ best operators for mobile betting:

Top Online Gambling Sites Philippines

  1. BK8: Up To 150% Bonus
  2. 1xBet: Up To PHP5400 
  3. 22Bet: Bonus Up To PHP7,500 
  4. Shangri La: €500 Welcome Bonus 
  5. PNXBET: 100% Bonus Up To PHP5,000 
  6. 888casino: Welcome Package Up To $1,500 
  7. 777 Casino: Bonus Up To $200 + 77 Free Spins

Live Sports Betting In The Philippines

Conservatively and historically, wagers are always placed before the start of the sports event. Once the game begins, bets are locked in and one won’t be able to change or shift them. 

For live betting or in-play betting, you can place additional wagers based on how you predict or see the way the game will turn out. You can do so every single quarter, period, play or drive.

This option of live betting definitely carries higher odds of winning, more options on your choice of wagers as well as carrying you through real-time thrillers at every turn of the event. 

Here is a short list of our recommended online sports betting sites that cover this feature among other interesting findings that they are outstanding on

Best Online Sports Betting Sites Philippines 2022 by Category

BK8Best Overall Betting Site
YonibetBest New Sportsbook
BK8Best Special Offers
BK8Top for Live Betting
22BetStrongest Security
1xBetBest Betting App
22BetTop Special Features
PNXBETRange of Payment Methods
1xBetBest Value Odds
MELbetTop Option for eSports

Popular Sports for Online Sports Betting 

Online sports betting in the Philippines offers a different flavour when it comes to bettors’ favourites. One significant outlier would be the lack of football bookmakers for this is not a popular sport in the country. Here’s what we found out to be the games that are near and dear to the Pinoy online sports betting market:


an esport team discussing gameplay

eSports has grown leaps and bound in the Philippines especially when various Philippine teams are able to get recognition and win in international esports competitions at almost every event held. This familiarity with various eSports makes it betting interesting and easier for enthusiasts to post smart wagers instead of second-guessing successful plays.


two man playing boxing

It is undeniable that Manny Pacquiao has further established the stronghold of Boxing as a favourite sport in the Philippines. Despite the pending retirement as a boxing world champion produced a sustained interest in this sport in general. Even though Pacquiao is planning to retire — or so he says — the Pinoy boxing enthusiast remains strong in their online sports betting choice.


This has been one of the most beloved sports in the Philippines. The audience for basketball never fades nor lessens as generations pass by. It continues its stronghold on the Pinoy bettors in online sports betting. 


man in orange t shirt and black shorts playing lawn tennis

The sport of Tennis has had a strong base of fans in the Philippines for decades. This is the third most popular sport in the country with Boxing and Basketball taking the lead. Pinoys love understanding the mechanics behind winning or losing in the game and have loyal fans when it comes to their favourite tennis champions and players. 


women playing volleyball in court one team scored winning

The game of volleyball captured the hearts of the Pinoys way back in 1910. The sport also peaked in popularity when collegiate teams sparked interest in the sport. Fans now have their own favourite teams both local and international arenas that also draw loyal followings for teams and professional players. This interest is also seen in the popularity of online sports betting Philippines 

Accepted Payment Methods: Deposit & Withdrawal

There is a slew of choices when it comes to payment methods that online sports betting in the Philippines can accommodate. Here is the complete list to choose from:

Debit Cards and Credit CardsMost of the online betting sites Philippines support merchants via debit cards and credit cards. They do need to belong with major card companies like Visa or MasterCard.
E-WalletsThis payment option is among the most popular with the best online sports betting sites. The ease of usage and fast processing of transactions safely and securely is a big boost. The processing fees can be a consideration if you’re going to often have deposits and withdrawals.
International wallets:The top two international wallets to choose from would be Neteller and Skrill. They have been a good option for Philippine bettors. GCash is also fast becoming one of the top favourites, too.
Bank TransferThis is not chosen as often as debit card deposits for they do take some time to process. This is one of the safest and most secure of the lot should bettors choose to link their bank and betting accounts. Do note the transaction fees involved as this differs among the online sports betting sites.
CryptocurrenciesSurprisingly, the cryptocurrency option is safer than a debit or credit card transaction. This is coming from having a higher level of privacy as well as encryption stages. The customer’s data isn’t stored in a centralized hub like payment cards. Most online sports betting sites also offer this method of payment.

That’s it for our take on online sports betting in the Philippines. There are truly more options to suit your own preferences when it comes to your sports, the type of wager you’d like to have and, most of all, the best payment provider you want to transact with. Keep notes on the details and follow through by checking the recommended online sports betting sites we have for you. Give it a go!


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