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Posted by DG, Date posted at November 9, 2022

Nowadays, earning some extra income can be considered a necessity. What with the way inflation is skyrocketing in the past months as well as the foreseeable future, we need all the legitimate side hustles that we can get. It’s not so bad if the payment provider is also conveniently accessible at all times like GCash.

paying apps via Gcash

We’ve gathered the latest and most legitimate paying apps and sites here for you guys. These are all available in the Philippines and have GCash as one of their options on how to get paid, too. Make sure to also check terms and conditions, rules and regulations before you sign up. Just to have things very clear on the expectations as well and how the details will be as you move along and earn real money via GCash.


Tops our list for they are one of the best and trusted legit paying apps that give GCash to all its users in the Philippines. You just need to read news, and memes, watch videos, complete offers, and make and play games to earn money. Invite friends and family from this app to get extra bonus cash, too.


TGM Panel Philippines

Earn money by submitting reviews for various products. You can just answer questions first, give the product a try and write a comprehensive review on it. The best thing here is the app can also be used in other countries.  


Although not an app, their website is mobile-friendly. Available globally and pays USD 1.00 for completing a survey. Just sign up in Surveytime and create your account. Just keep on answering questions to help toss the surveys that would suit your interests your way.  


The app is also about answering surveys similar to Surveytime. The difference is this is only available in the Philippines and also focused on the Philippines market. It’s worth giving it a go. 


This is also an app where you complete surveys to be able to earn money. There are millions of active users here, too. Just sign up and look for surveys that suit you and start earning as you complete them. 



You just need to complete simple tasks like uploading pictures and videos. The app is available on Google Play or the Apple App store. You will get paid Euros. There has been good feedback on the app and it’s worth checking them out if they are to your preference. 


This is a survey app. These are short surveys on different products and services. Once you complete a survey, you’ll be rewarded with cash points. These cash points are redeemable via PayPal or as Amazon gift cards or opt to have it transferred to GCash.

Maya (formerly PayMaya)

The app is a financial services and digital payments company that gives you Gcash on referrals. Every referral who installs the PayMaya app on their phone using your referral code will get you PHP50 deposited in your GCash account right away.


The app has all the latest news, videos and other content so you can watch and surf. You’ll get paid Kachings once you do so. The Kachings are convertible into GCash that posts every 12 AM every night.


Exercising never got so lucratively fun. For every 1000 steps you walk, you get 95 Sweatcoins that can be used almost everywhere. You can convert them into PayPal vouchers or trade them at the marketplace to get money in return. You can use the money for shopping or paying bills. Yes, you can transfer Sweatcoin money to GCash.


The mode of earning is via cashback. All you need to do is go shopping and then click a photo of your receipt and upload it here on Snapcart. The app will quickly asses the items you purchased and will reward you with a cashback within a few minutes. It is a marketing site and it collects data on various products. Take note, this is only available in Indonesia and the Philippines. 


This is an app where it’s a gigantic focus group discussion. They help brands understand the target market — us, the consumers — and we get paid for participating. You just need to select a story and start answering questions. Streetbees will assess the review you’ll submit and you’ll get paid accordingly.  

street bees, share your thoughts take pictures earn cash


An open social media platform, if you are active in the community, you’ll be earning money, too. For example, if you like, comment and engage with other users. The app is readily available on iOS and Android. It is secure for the community platform is based on blockchain technology. You can also create your own theme and get extra QunQun rewards by posting content on the app. 

qun qun


This app offers six ways to make money. You can watch videos, install an app, and reach a certain level in a game. You can earn money while using the UBI wallet daily. Cashback rewards are given when you use the app for shopping. You can also play their games and are through there, too. Users can also make calls at discounted rates and with every call made it’s rewarded with WowCoins. They do have a store and if you purchase items there, you’ll also earn WowCoins. 



With this app, just become a content creator or a streamer. Earnings will be coming from virtual gift donations in form of in-app currencies. These currencies can later be cashed out for money. Additionally, users can also earn large cash prizes by participating in the app’s Quiz shows.


Trash Cash

This is an awesome environmental initiative to earn some cash. Just sort your recyclables and drop them at their nearest collection centre. You’ll then be credited with points that can be redeemed at partner retail stores and restaurants. It’s still in its early stages but it’s good enough to check them out. 

trash cash


You just need to read a news article or view a video. You’ll earn via an in-app currency, Coins. When enough Coins are earned, cash out can then be made. You’d need 1,600 coins to earn PHP1, With this said, if you’re a voracious reader or love to spend your time watching videos — it’s one way to earn something from doing things you love in the first place.


Milieu Surveys

You just need to answer a series of questions that can take about 5 to 10 minutes each form. Like with the other survey apps, it considers your profile for the surveys you’ll be receiving. There will be days that there won’t be any surveys available though. It’s still worth a try.  Cashout happens once payment reaches PHP 200 which equals collecting about 11,500 points for the total amount of survey points you’d garnered. 



An online shopping app that continuously offers discounts and cashback to frequent users. Additionally, there are instant cashback promos when signing up with the programs they have or referring others to use Shopback. The minimum cashout amount if PHP 200.



It’s a social media app that will pay you as you use it to discover new items, connect with friends, share interests and the like. Much like using Instagram or Facebook, but this time Lyka folks will have compensation available for you. Yes, as you post on Lyka, you get paid for it. 

Lyka The All in One Ultra app


Believe it a bit or believe some more, GCash is in itself a source of making some quick cash similar to Paytm. Just keep on paying bills, shopping and sending or receiving money via GCash so you’ll earn app rewards. This can be in the form of cashback, vouchers, premium offers, deals and reward points. Just keep tabs on what’s the latest in store for frequent users. 


That’s the complete coverage we have on the latest and legit paying apps via GCash folks. We hope that this is a great help to you guys. Feel free to share this with friends and family. After all, earning some additional income nowadays is a good thing to have. 

Comment down below if you’d like us to feature similar stuff. We’re open to any suggestions, too. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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