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Summer Treat by Bet86

Posted by DG, Date posted at April 19, 2023

Cold Season is out! Summer Season is here! 

Let’s beat the summer heat with a Summer Treat! A hot and fun treat brought to you by BET86.

Tired of playing inside your room? Feeling hot and not enjoying the game because of the hot weather?  We got you! Bet86 presents to you a 2 days and 2 nights vacation while enjoying our fun and exciting games. Travel package that is good for 4-pax with travel allowance!

Here’s How to Join:

For the interested new/existing players, here are the mechanics:

  1. To get a unique referral link for both new and existing BET86 players, kindly message BET86 FB Page.
  2. A leader with 3 members must be formed.
  3. Leaders must get the referral link before proceeding.
  4. Then the leader can proceed in giving his/her referral link to the remaining 3 members.
NOTE: MEMBERS must SIGN UP through the leader’s REFERRAL link, otherwise, it will NOT BE COUNTED.
  1. The 2 players must deposit P7,000 each within 30 days from the day that BET86 got the username of the group members from the leader.
  2. If each group member has already deposited P7,000 within 30 days, the group will be rewarded with a FREE TRAVEL PACKAGE WITH TRAVEL ALLOWANCE!
  3. The leader of the group can join in this promotion multiple times but NEEDS TO HAVE UNIQUE SETS OF PLAYERS.
  4. For members, you only join ONCE in A GROUP, but you can join another if you become the LEADER.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. BET86 will announce the qualified group every 5th day of the month.
  2. The travel package includes 3D2N hotel accommodation at Pamana Resorts and Hotel in Nasugbu, Batangas, and Php 6,000 total allowance for the group. The group may select dates based on the availability of the hotel identified by Bet86.
  3. The members are required to submit their IDs as this will be used upon booking the accommodation and checked upon entry to the hotel.

bet86 summer treat pamana resort accomodation

NOTE: If your ID does not match your details, BET86 will have the right to forfeit your rewards.
  1. A player can only have one registered account in BET86. MULTIPLE accounts will result in TERMINATION. 
  2. The travel package can only be availed by the group members and is NOT TRANSFERABLE.
NOTE: Ex, LEADER plus Mem#1, Mem#2, and Mem#2 (CORRECT)
LEADER plus Other#1, Other#2, and Other#3 (WRONG)
  1. BET86 has the right to refuse the issuance of bonuses to users that have multiple accounts during the KYC process. Violators will be blocked by Bet86 and can no longer join any future promotions. 
  2. Promo runs from March 18  to June 30, 2023.


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Website: Bet86

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