The Transformation of Mobile Casino Games

Posted by DG, Date posted at December 29, 2022

Ever wonder how mobile casino games started? What is the story behind the currently ever-present online games that we bump into every time we open our devices? It’s slightly difficult to imagine that this wasn’t at all possible just two decades ago. It is fascinating how something unexpected will take over the PCs and desktops that dominated the online community at the earlier onset of the globe getting used to connectivity.

The off scales growth of mobile gaming was triggered by unfortunate events with the global pandemic. But this was also the opportunity to pause and discover how entertainment is more thrilling with online mobile games. Suddenly, cocooning isn’t just hiding in a corner somewhere. It’s being able to enjoy one’s time in the complete freedom and comfort of your own home. 

Let’s get some more insight into how mobile casino games started, where they are now and what the future of online casino entertainment holds for fellow gaming enthusiasts. 

WAP’s up, and so were mobile casino apps  

When the world finally discovered what the internet was really good for, it couldn’t be better than the first mobile phone with the Wireless Application Protocol or WAP. This was first released in 1999 by the iconic Nokia. Before this, the only way to access online casino sites or apps was via desktops or laptops.  

Even in the early days of online gaming, the popularity of the games was seeing more and more audiences in the fold. This is despite not being able to play games that involve real money. Games were also slow and clunky. Things had to wait for some more time before the technology was possible to have things go faster and more visually nimble. 

By 2007 and 2008, the world now has competing operating systems of Android and iOS on mobile devices. Competition to have the better leg up was a complete advantage to consumers for this made things go better at a faster pace. Soon, mobile apps can easily be created and sold via Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

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This now encouraged a growing breed of gaming developers who have been waiting to have this chance to finally sell their products to the global market. Hours after the App Store opened, Texas Hold’em was also launched and became the most popularly bought app at that time. This opened the doors wide open for online casino gaming. 

Soon after, better choices for payment methods also came in. This came in as e-wallets, like PayPal. There are also a wider variety of mobile casino apps to choose from. There are instances of fraud during these early years and finally, the law was able to catch up and dutifully, online casino operators and mobile casino apps were regulated, authorized and licensed to make sure that everyone was compliant to rules, regulations and fair play. 

The Current State of Mobile Casino Apps

Competition is getting fiercer with game developers vying for the best version of an old game or the better game version than the rest that’s currently on the market. This is 100% good news for players. There won’t be any shortage of great games to choose from — just a tad tougher to know which one to dive into. But that’s a fun activity in itself.

Here’s where mobile casino games are at and what we can look forward to in the future.

1. Live Tables

This is steadily growing in popularity, especially for games that are equally as fun to have fellow players wager and strut their stuff and strategies. This mimics the traditional land-based casino experience with the option to have a virtual dealer or a live dealer. You can now have friends and family over to enjoy a great time even if the distance between is a country away or a block away. 

2. A Wider Range of Slot Machines

Game developers have slot machines as their favorite go-to game to improve on. Unlike in brick-and-mortar casinos, the variety of slot games for mobile casino apps is astounding. There are such a lot of varieties to choose from — this can be the theme, the visual graphics, some have a story to tell and the infectious soundtrack that completes the package.  

Take note that there are awards given out to game developers who have made it a point to give the best chances to win on these games. Better check our pages here to spot who they are so you can readily get hopping and download their mobile casino game, too. Game developers always consider what the players are looking for and they won’t hesitate to test things out if it works or not.  

3. Welcome Bonuses

With the fierce competition comes a wide array of bonuses, promos and freebies to choose from, too. Just take a look around and you’ll see how mind-boggling some offers are. Of course, you do need to check the details to see if the bonus or prize is readily available or if you’d need to jump through hoops to get it. 

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Be assured that the reputable casino operators we feature on our pages don’t do the deed of making life difficult for customers. Take time to read up on reviews and other online sites, like ours, dedicated to helping fellow gaming enthusiasts find their way to a great game to play. It’s always good to check their customer support, too. If they have a professional team to help you out even with the tiniest of questions, it’s already a sure sign that it’s going to be a great environment to play in. 

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What The Future Has in Store for Mobile Casino Apps

There’s no stopping the mobile casino games on how customers and developers are helping each other out in figuring out where the path will go. The connectivity of everyone as well as social media has shared insights that are critical to game developers to come up with what the players are looking for. 

The technology is also fast evolving and making the gaming environment safer and more secure. The perfect example of this is the ease of using cryptocurrency as a method of payment. The blockchain will be a great forcefield that prevents hackers from encroaching into mobile casino games. Everyone’s checking if everyone’s on the same page, too. There are minimal mobile apps that are questionable that could thrive in an environment that constantly checks legitimacy. 

There are ever-evolving gears that can carry virtual reality closer and closer to the real experience. VR headgear for example can simulate this in an awesome and hyper-engaging way. Game developers have tools on hand that can enable games to become better, faster and more stable on any operating system.  

Without a doubt, mobile casino games will continue to dominate the industry and it doesn’t look like it will be shying away from getting even better, too. Visit the pages we have here for you guys! We’ve featured articles that can give you more insight into getting smarter when it comes to getting the most out of your online gaming experience as well as knowing how to choose the best games on hand. 

Drop us a message or two in the comment section as well. We love hearing from you and we have a blast if you have any suggestions. We’ll gladly have this done on our pages. Cheers!

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