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Posted by DG, Date posted at November 15, 2022

We hear you guys and we’re coming up with more articles on viable side hustles that can be easily tapped into via your mobile device. Earning a bit more or even a substantial amount is a great help nowadays. You can easily start on the following legit money-making apps that we’ve hand-picked for the last quarter of 2022. 

We also included tips and points to remember when choosing one if you’re wanting to go on your own to hunt down the one that’s just right to your preferences, too. Note that you’d need to look into the details before diving in. This is so you can also gauge if it’s the right side hustle that you can do without a problem.

How to get make your side hustle work for you

  1. Scan around and do some research on your chosen app or apps: Make sure you’re looking into the terms and conditions. Every legit money-making app has its own unique characteristics. This ranges from the tasks, how you earn and how payments are made. See if you also fit the requirements needed by the app. Will it suit your schedule or skills? Will it be as you expected on the frequency of assignments? Is it going to be readily available in the Philippines? Will the payout be worth the time you’ll spend on completing the required tasks?
  2. Start by downloading the app: After considering all the details above, simply download the app next. You can also check reviews that are also found on Google Play or Apple’s App Store before you download. If all’s good for you, get the app on your mobile.
  3. Try it out and check the site along with more details: Once you have the app on your mobile, try it out. See if it suits you and your schedule. You can also consider the app either as a main side hustle or a secondary one, too. You can think short-term or long-term on its benefits and ease in the payout. You can go ahead and try the minimum task required for a payout and see if it registers to your account as real money.
  4. Plan things out and allot a schedule to dive into the side hustle. Once it’s all according to your preferences, stick to the rules on how to earn money on the app. You can make it a daily to-do or have an hour on some days of the week. Note that most have small payouts but it builds up over time.  

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Spot the Right Side Hustle 

We made it easier for you guys to spot the app that you’re looking for based on certain “types” or “characteristics”. We hope that this is more useful than the usual list or run-down on which apps are in our book of go-to lists. 

 All-Around, Multifunctional App: GCash

This is on top of our list of legit money-making apps. Just explore the different offerings of GCash and its functions. You’d be surprised that it not only is a reliable e-wallet but hosts a lot of promos, freebies and ways to earn money. You can go ahead and sell prepaid loads, join promos, play games, invite people and invest money. Since it is one of the most well-accepted e-wallets, more than 100,000 merchants use it nationwide. This also shows that whatever earnings you will have will go directly to your GCash account. 


  • Cash goes directly to your GCash wallet
  • Trusted Nationwide
  • Tasks can only be done a limited number of times 
  • Similar apps: Paymaya, Coins.ph

Earn while reading the news and watching videos: Cashzine

If you love reading news and other articles, as well as watching videos Cashzine is the app to go for to earn some moolah on your favourite hobby. You will get a personalized feed with only the posts that you favour or matter to you. Every time you read, watch a video or share it you earn “coins” that you can exchange for cash. 


  • You can read up or watch clips that really interest you. In short, you enjoy time spent earning.
  • Has lucky draws and other games where you can earn bonus coins
  • You’d need to reach 1,600 coins which equals PHP 1
  • Methods of payment: PayPal, GCash
  • Similar apps: Buzzbreak, SnippetMedia

 Love surveys? Go for Milieu 

If you love answering 5 to 10-minute surveys, this would be the best app to earn your side hustle from. Milieu uses your profile to provide the kinds of surveys you’ll receive as assignments. There will be some days without surveys though.  


  • Brief surveys you can do effortlessly
  • Additional income when taking quizzes or referrals
  • Takes some time to earn cashouts
  • 11,500 points equal PHP200
  • Methods of payment: GCash, Lazada, GrabPay, Gift Vouchers 
  • Similar apps: Survey Junkie, Surveyon, Streetbees, LifePoints 

Earn Cashback while shopping: ShopBack

You can get discounts and cashback while shopping via ShopBack. There are popular stores there including Lazada, Shopee, Foodpanda, Watsons and Uniqlo. They will not trap your cashback money in their platform but instead withdraw this to your bank account as cash.


  • Earn cashback while shopping
  • Promos include No Spend, Just Cashback, by signing up for programs
  • Other ways to earn are doing challenges, active in campaigns and referrals
  • You can withdraw any cashback to your bank account or e-wallet
  • Minimum cashout: PHP200
  • Methods of payment: GCash, PayPal, Maya, Bank Transfer 
  • Similar app/s: Rakuten, Cashalo 

Sell Pre-loved Items: Facebook Marketplace

Decluttering can be one of the most satisfying activities you’ll have. Head to the Facebook app’s Marketplace and post items there that you’d like to sell. One man’s trash is always another one’s treasure. You’ll have results in a matter of minutes, too. The audience in Facebook Marketplace has a very wide reach.

  • Facebook has a large user base
  • Just upload a photo and enter the item’s details
  • There are no fees charged for the sales. It’s a service for free offered by Facebook
  • Method of payment: Depends on your agreed payment method with the buyer
  • Similar app/s: Carousell

Recycle and earn: Trash Cash

Trash Cash realizes the potential of earning 24 billion pesos annually with the country’s 2 billion kilos worth of trash. Here’s one way to help out with their endeavour as well as help keep the environment, too. 

trash cash

  • Currently available on Android
  • Drop off your recyclables in their drop-off booths
  • Scan your trash for points
  • Relatively new and still ironing out some hiccups

Apps that can be your source of income 

The following apps can involve more time and effort but you can tap into them to earn substantially and pay for your living expenses. The more business you bring into these apps, the more you get paid. Check them out and see if there’s a good one that will fit your plans. 

Post content Live Streaming: Kumu

This was founded by Filipinos for the global Filipino community. Content creators and live streamers can earn virtual gifts from those watching their streams. These virtual gifts can then be converted into cash. The latest news on top streamers can earn as much as a 6-digit total monthly.


  • Easy to begin
  • Not as crowded as other live-stream apps
  • Targets global Filipino audience
  • Need to stream with a live audience
  • Minimum cashout: 50,000 diamonds equal to PHP75.00 to PHP1,000
  • Methods of payment: GCash, Coins.ph, Bank Transfer 
  • Similar app/s: TikTok, Twitch, YouTube 

Best for Dropshipping: Shopee

Currently, Shopee is the most popular app for dropshipping. You can start your online store and be an agent for someone else’s products. Zero capital on this but it can be tricky to carry off if your supplier will become difficult to deal with. It’s best to make sure you’re part of a team of reliable merchants willing to dropship.


  • Currently, the highest online traffic
  • Wide scope of audience
  • Competitive market
  • Methods of payment: Bank transfer
  • Similar apps: Lazada, Zalora 

Best for Transport Gigs: Grab

You can partner with Grab if you love to walk, or have a bicycle, motorcycle, car, van or truck. It is free to join up and start earning on deliveries made. They do get a commission from what you will earn as well as some government fees to comply with the TNVS accreditation.


  • Use existing vehicle
  • Methods of payment: Bank Transfer or e-wallet
  • Similar apps: Foodpanda, LalaMove, Angkas

Best for Online Jobs: Upwork

You can post your details here for a job that you’d love to do. Upwork has been one of the most stable apps to find work-from-home gigs, too. There are a variety of jobs that only require your mobile to do the tasks. You can tap into chatting, data entry, or typing.  


  • More potential for higher earnings especially if the payout is in foreign currencies
  • A side hustle can become an actual career
  • Methods of payment: Bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer
  • Similar app/s: Fiverr 

Heads up and points to ponder on

  • Avoid apps that require you to pay money first. These most likely are scammish. Do try our suggestions here. They are legitimate and safe apps. 
  • Most money-making apps are best suited to supplement your income and are not built to be your sole source of income. If you have spare time, you can use this to earn extra. 
  • Make a new email account for these apps. This is to keep your original email address safe, too. It’s just added security to your personal details and finances. 
  • If possible, use a spare phone for these apps. They can use storage and need your time to complete tasks. This can help in managing your calls and contacts, too. 
  • As soon as you earned the minimum cashout amount, withdraw this right away and keep it safe in your savings or bank account. It’s better to have your earnings safely tucked into your e-wallet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this article helps a lot and at the very least has opened your options to earning more effectively on side hustles. Just keep in mind to be very aware of what the whole setup is and make sure to take note of when you can withdraw your earnings and set them as savings. It does help, too if you have short-term or long-term goals set. This will keep your morale high in reaching them.

Drop us a comment on what other topics you’d like us to feature here. We also look forward to seeing feedback from you guys. Go ahead and share the info as well. Let’s make things happen! Cheers!

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