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Top Free Online Poker Sites plus Play-Money Option

Posted by DG, Date posted at February 19, 2023

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One of the most popular, entertaining, and exciting card games around, Poker has also been with us for over a hundred years. Spanning generations of enthusiasts and ever-evolving new players, poker has carried itself through the trends and changes in taste and modes of play.  Most new players avoid it for it really involves the risk of losing one’s wager. 

This is why we have gathered the best online poker sites which are not only free to play poker in but also have the option to use play money to add some thrill to your game.  

Warming up to the format of online poker can take some getting used to but eventually, especially on social sites, you can enjoy and play any style of poker you’d like without the risk of losing real money. 

1. PlayWSOP

They are a famous tournament brand that offers players a great time to practice their poker skills for free. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a poker app that features No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha games to players in all variations.

PlayWSOP online poker game

Even if you’re a tournament or real-money bettor you can still enjoy getting some rounds at PlayWSOP. They designed things to function intuitively and it only takes a few clicks to register via your Facebook or Google account to sign in to the platform.

Soon after, an introduction to the game of poker is shown with a virtual tour offered to all new players still wanting to learn the ropes of the game of poker. Think of this as a great walkthrough to get you started on the right foot.  

If you’re already familiar with the game, just jump right into the action. There are plenty of tables for everyone wanting to join in. You are also free to add other players to your buddy list, chat at the tables and win play money by taking part in a simple slot-style game.  

Whether you’re at home on your PC or on the go on your mobile, the platform is available as either a browser-based one or a downloadable mobile app completely compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The site brings you one of the best online poker experiences where you absolutely don’t need to let go of any real money to play but the quality of the game can also please any poker enthusiast. 

2. Replay Poker

They have a large pool of players and feature a vast array of different game options. Replay Poker may not be as sharp as WSOP but still meets the level of gaming.  

Replay Poker online poker game

Their site is designed with a modern and sleek theme with gameplay flowing freely. They do have cash games and tournaments available with a variety of stakes and levels offered. 

The popular poker games available for free are a lot and among them are Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, and even Royal Poker. Royal Poker is another twist of Texas Hold’em with only high cards in the deck (10s and up).

With Replay Poker, they offer instant play via the internet browser and have no downloadable mobile app at the moment. Be assured that their instant play version is going great and functions smoothly and in real time. A definite plus as well for poker enthusiasts looking for practice games.  

In a nutshell, Replay Poker is the site to go to if you’re wanting to get sharper, get familiar, and learn several different versions of poker to strengthen your poker skills in a safe, reliable, and wager-free environment. 

3. 247Poker

There are folks who prefer to play poker against AIs. Don’t worry, 247Poker heard your call and they have the best site setup to meet this demand. The computer-based AIs will keep you on your toes as you practice and get sharper with your gameplay. 247Poker established their site consistently pitting players against AI players.  

247Poker online poker game

As you begin your journey in 247Poker, you can immediately set the difficulty of play from easy, normal, hard and expert.  

What comes next is a six-max poker table where five AI-controlled players will be waiting to test your skills in the game.  

As expected, moving up the level of difficulty will also increase the complexity and aggressive play with the AI players. It will really be a thrilling experience as you take part and you’ll be learning the details that make your game even more extraordinary.  

Even if you’re new to poker, don’t fret, 247Poker is still a great place to gain ground. There isn’t anyone rushing you or making unusual and odd plays that can usually happen at other free-to-play poker platforms.  

247Poker offers the chance to develop hand-reading abilities and basic poker skills without the risk of losing real money.  

4. PokerStars Play

PokerStars is known as a global real-money poker platform. They have been around for several years and most poker players are familiar with their site.  

Be assured that PokerStars has a completely free version of poker on their site. PokerStars Play features the same atmosphere and gameplay options but with the major difference of not needing real money at all.  

Poker stars online poker game

They stand out by being able to offer a vast collection of more unique online poker games with the likes of 5 Card Drwa, 7 Card Stud and 8 Game.  

Being a leading online poker site for longer than most, their software is top quality and you will know the difference seeing why PokerStars is considered one of the best sites around. 

5. ClubGG Poker

They are under one of the world’s leading poker platforms, GGPoker. You can expect that the quality and gaming experience here is at par with the top players of free online poker sites. 

ClubGG Poker online poker game

ClubGG has a lot of perks that keep new players and aficionados alike playing on their platform. 

The first of which would be you’re in good company with the GGPoker at the helm. The feel of the game is outstanding and identical to that version of poker which involves real money. 

You’ll also have access to all the games and formats offered by GGPoker without any of the risks. 

All games at ClubGG are play-money games which also makes their site available in all jurisdictions not just those in which GGPoker has real money on hand. 

If you opt to avail of the Platinum subscription at USD49.99 a month, you’ll be able to enter freeroll tournaments where you can win seats in the WSOP Main Event and other valuable prizes.  

You are also free to choose the kinds of games you’d like to play. With the monthly subscription, the attractive add-on would be you can get to compete for extremely valuable prizes without wagering. 

Social Poker Platforms

Another aspect that makes poker very popular is that it’s wholly a social game. Those games which are intertwined with social media platforms can be the most enjoyable gaming sessions with friends and family. 

Here are the best social poker platforms we’ve found:

1. Zynga Poker

They have been around longer than most of the free-play online poker options. They are favored by Facebook users.  

They made it possible to interact with other players both at the tables and off the games. The difference that makes Zynga Poker appealing is it’s also a great place to connect with new friends and meet people with similar interests.

Although they come second when compared to PokerStars or GGPoker, their games run smoothly with both cash games and SNGs with corresponding levels of play and wagers at stake. 

2. Viber World Poker Club

Viber Media is the power behind Viber World Poker Club. This is another way to enjoy the game with your friends. 

There are different kinds of features and options like weekly tournaments, player rewards, free chips, and fun creative twists on game mechanics. 

 Access and game playing are completely free. No subscriptions or purchases are needed to participate in the games.  

They also have a very large pool of players worldwide and this makes the social factor in poker even more thrilling.   

3. PokerUp: Social Poker

This stands out as having a unique model by letting you challenge anyone from your contacts list. PokerUp got into this mode and it’s a hit for a lot of players. 

You can invite up to three players and get the game going among folks you know instead of outright strangers. 

But, PokerUp will still give that option to play with anyone around the globe. There’s a very active leaderboard as well to keep tabs on how you’re doing with your ranking.  

You can customize the look of your tables, and use a variety of emojis to make playing the game even more fun and enjoyable. 

PokerUp also works excellently on your mobile so you can play while you’re on the go.

And that’s a wrap! We hope that you were able to find this article very useful. There’s absolutely no need to spend if you’d like to simply enjoy the game of poker. They all offer a platform to also get really good at the game. 

Would you like us to feature other games where no money is needed to play? Just let us know in the comment section below. We’ll have those topics featured on our pages as soon as we can! Cheers!

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