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Sports Betting on the Go: Tips and Tricks

Posted by DG, Date posted at February 18, 2023

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Online sports betting is one of the fastest-growing online casino games globally. This includes the Philippines as one of the most enthusiastic markets in this category. The strong trend to also wager on the go is seen locally.

With this happening, we’ve gathered the most useful information and provided a guide on how to make sure that your gaming experience for online sports betting on your mobile device will be worry-free and enjoyable. Read on and take notes, have a great time!

Sports Betting Apps for iPhone & Android

Here’s our guide on deciding which is the best app to have based on your preferences for online sports betting. More and more folks favor smartphones and this has amped up the developers and operators to get in tune with the trend. 


Currently, this is the most popular for Filipino players. Most apps are available via Google Play Store and it’s for free. There is also a download link on the desktop site. Usually, the same banking options are also available on mobile. The fingerprint feature on your smartphone is also an additional level of security for your account. Most sports betting apps available in the Philippines are a perfect fit for Android devices.  


Although this is not as popular as Android devices, the sites we have recommended are compatible with this operating system. The mobile app also runs faster and has easy-to-use control panels for further customization on settings like the odds format. This is a safe environment especially when you’re wagering on the go. You do need to check if there is enough storage space for the games to run smoothly as expected. 

Mobile Site vs App for Sports Betting in the Philippines

There is some debate on whether a mobile site is better than a mobile app when it comes to online sports betting in the Philippines. Let’s check out the finer details of this matter: 

Mobile Sites

These are simpler because you don’t need to download any software. You just need a supported browser like Chrome for Android or Safari for Apple. A disadvantage here is the need to upgrade your browser to have the latest versions of the mobile site. 

Opting for mobile sites also saves space and prevents potential viral attacks on your smartphone. The latest move by operators is developing high-speed mobile sites that are nearly at par with the desktop versions.  

No storage space neededNot optimized for specific OS.
Reduced risk of getting virusesLogin is required each time the website opens
Easy to get started
Mobile sites update automatically
Works on any OS with a supported browser

Mobile App

Most of the sports betting apps available in the Philippines are faster than mobile sites for they require fewer data transmission. Downloadable sportsbooks are built to run efficiently with the designated OS. This brings about a smooth and stable gaming experience. Unlike mobile sites, it can crash if the browser is not updated. 

Sports betting apps are the perfect companion when you’re on the go. If there are fast-moving odds to catch up on, you can easily tweak notifications to keep you informed. Mobile sites do need you to constantly refresh your page to get updates in real-time.  

Built to meet your smartphone’s specific needsTakes up storage space on your phone
Achieves faster speeds than mobile sitesYou may need to upgrade your device after an app update
Saves time and data
Easier and quicker login
Frequent upgrades to improve user experience

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Types of Mobile Betting App Bonuses

There are always rewards for online sports betting enthusiasts. Here’s our guide on the different promos and bonuses offered by various online sports betting operators:  

Welcome Bonuses: Can have the most exciting offers. Usually, the bookie will match your first deposit with a bonus. These are commonly seen and it’s best to check things out on which offers the best package for newbies to their site. 

Existing Customer Promotions: Loyal players do have continuous offers on rewards, bonuses and promos. There can be rebates or odds boosts. Some offer betting tournaments as well.  

No Deposit Bonuses: This can be one of the rare promos you can find. No deposit bonuses will grant bettors access to real money wagering before they even fund their accounts. This can be part of a sign-up package deal. Usually, this is available for VIP players. 

Free Bets: Players can wager real money at a given amount but there would be no deductions made on their deposit. It’s a common freebie with online sports betting in the Philippines. Note that winnings from a free bet would mean you only collect the returns and not the stake. 

Insurance Promos: Consider yourself lucky if you’re able to bump into this promo. For example, an insurance bet of USD50 means that if you lose, you will get your stake back. This is similar to a parlay insurance bet where your money will be refunded if you get one of your selections in error.  

That’s it! You’ll be surefooted about where you can enjoy sports betting safely and securely. Let us know if you’d like us to feature more articles connected to this topic. We’ll surely feature them on our pages, cheers! 

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