The Next Big Thing: How to Become a TikTok Affiliate

Posted by DG, Date posted at December 20, 2022

Breaking news — if you haven’t been aware of this, you’re missing out on a great chance to create a good side hustle or even the possibility of achieving financial freedom. TikTok’s popularity has gone leaps and bounds despite the challenges it faces of being banned in some countries and a persistent public perception of being a tool for questionable activities.

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The universal appeal of TikTok has a captured audience and this spans the demographic and psychographic spectrum completely. In this way, reaching possible consumers of specific products and services is an easier route and at a global level, too.  

TikTok has now evolved not only as a favorite social media platform but also as a dominating advertising tool. This goes especially well for affiliate marketing and influencer marketing. Here’s how to tap into this potential and make it yours, too! 

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The TikTok Affiliate Basics

Do note that adding affiliate links to movies on TikTok is not permitted. The workaround is you may use it to advertise businesses and goods there. The advantage that TikTok has as a major advertising venue is you can convert content consumers into customers who make sense and further promote your brand with mentions and product recommendations.  

1. Upgrade to become a business account

The first thing to remember is that TikTok “Business” accounts will have the option we’ll mention in the following steps. The TikTok “Personal” account does not show these details. 

To step up your account to business, just visit your TikTok profile, click the hamburger menu in the top right corner, and then select Settings and privacy > Manage account > Switch to a business account.

Switch to a business account by selecting “settings and privacy” then “Manage Account” and tap it.

Choose the sector that you work in, and match an appropriate category for your account. The final step would be to enter your email and bio.

Going back to the hamburger menu, there is a new “Business suite” option that offers TikTok analytics for your films as well as TikTok advertising choices. You can choose to collaborate with other creators to promote a brand and manage your branded content collaborations.

Make sure that you’ve looked into and reviewed the details of your new business account’s expanded Business Suite option.

Register your business via the “Business registration” option. Complete this and submit it for registration approval. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to add the clickable link to your bio, which will direct consumers to the affiliate deals you advertise, your landing page, or your website.

You’ll be hitting several birds with one stone via this route. You can start a funnel for affiliate marketing on TikTok or extend an existing funnel you’ve already started using affiliate marketing tools on other channels.  

2. Establish a link in your profile bio

Users of TikTok’s Business account are permitted to add one clickable link to their profile.

Add the phrase “Link in Bio” or the hashtag #LinkInBio to show that TikToker has placed a link in their biography. This is seen as one scrolls down the TikTok feed.

You can add the link to your profile by doing the following things:

  1. Log into your TikTok account.
  2. Click on “Edit Profile.”
  3. Add your website URL there.

This works if you are promoting a single advertiser program, and always use the same tracking URL. Each time you write a post about a new product, be sure to update the link.

3. Get ready to share several links and make a landing page.

Should you choose to work as an affiliate for many businesses or brands, you will need to modify the link in your bio based on the products you are pushing.

This sounds like a daunting task but there is a workaround. To add several connections to Tiktok: make a separate landing page just for your TikTok affiliate links.

Multiple URLs can be shared simultaneously using a third-party program. You can then have a single URL that refers to multiple links on your Tiktok profile. The link leads to a page that contains all of your (affiliate) links when a user clicks on it.

4. Let your audience know about discounts on your videos 

There are some businesses that have specially created codes that can be used for TikTok advertising that don’t require clicking to be tracked. You’d need to contact the advertiser directly to discuss this type of cooperation.

Again, this is simple if you are promoting a single advertiser program and you can always use the same tracking URL. You do need to update the URL whenever you write about a new product.

TikTok Affiliate Marketing Advantages for your Product or Service 

Even though there is a bit more work to do if you decide to become a TikTok Affiliate, it’s worth every second of doing so. You need to upload videos to TikTok in order to monetize your audience through the use of affiliate links within your videos or on a third-party social network just like a blog. 

Every affiliate will have a different exact method, but in order to monetize your TikTok visitors, you need to go through a few more hoops than you would with regular affiliate ads.

Optimize and Expand Your Audience

The very first step is to steadily grow your following. Simply put, just post videos frequently. The algorithms that control social media platforms as well as TikTok consider posting frequency as one of the factors that will show how many users see your material. 

The tried and true formula to increase followers is by posting as frequently as you can. With TikTok, it’s not as laborious and time-consuming to create new material due to the app’s simple interface design. 

Focus on niche-related info. You can connect with the material and leave comments on videos that are meaningful to the market niche you are working on TikTok even if you’re unable to share text posts or images directly on the site. As you engage with relevant content, you’ll also broaden your audience and reach a bigger slice of your target audience. 

Pinpoint and choose the right program for affiliates

Soon after reaching a substantial fan base, start looking for the best offer around. Pick a specialty you are passionate about. Your audience can immediately spot if you’re sincere or just faking it. This can be from makeup, cooking, inspiration and the like.  

You’ll also be able to choose to work directly with an advertiser or sign up for a network as you select your offer. A network will allow you to access a variety of offers from multiple advertisers — adding more flexibility and control in most details.  

Collect contact details via lead magnets 

Make sure to establish a form on the landing page so you can collect contact information. This will be a great help to create leads. TikTok will not permit you to include affiliate links in your TikTok videos or adverts.  

Always see to it that you create high-quality content, offer immediate gratification, and experiment with a variety of different factors if you want to gather data from as many users as you can. These factors will increase consumers’ motivation to fill out your forms.

TikTok users now number 1.8 billion. Imagine that. If you’re an affiliate marketer or plan to be one, TikTok will be a great place to pursue goals in marketing and audience reach. 

Makes me want to dive right in! Once one has the product or service in mind as well as the audience that would greatly benefit from this — it’s all systems go to use TikTok as the advertising arm to move forward. Do you share the same sentiments? Just go ahead and comment below. We always love hearing from you guys, cheers!

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