Easy Tasks and Gigs: Money-making Apps 2022

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We can never get enough of providing the best content possible. This is why we’re featuring yet another article that we know can prove to be very useful for us! We’ve gathered another batch of money-making apps that can enable you to earn a good side hustle during your spare time. Nowadays, this is a timely piece of news what with the continuing inflation still increasing with no near end in sight.

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The suggestions we have here have cleared it from scammish or questionable ones. We have also grouped them in such a way that it would be easier for you to single out the app that’s right for your lifestyle, purpose and goals — be it short-term or long-term in nature. There are good possibilities with some of the apps here that you can build as a potential major income earner, too.

Tap into e-Wallets 

Digital wallets or E-wallets have continuously evolved and have shown how they are secure, safe and flexibly connected to services and innumerable merchants locally and globally. The current choices of e-wallets are also highly competitive and offer more and more incentives for customers to choose them not just as a way to conveniently manage finances but also to earn from them.


Among the most popular e-wallets in the Philippines, GCash is trusted as a reliable service that allows you to send and receive money, pay bills, buy different kinds of internet or mobile load, and shop online. These are the following ways how to also earn money via GCash. 

  • Referrals: Every successful referral gets you PHP50 worth of freebies once your referral gets fully verified and completes its first cash-in via the app. You can refer up to 25 folks every month which can have you earning PHP1,250. 
  • Earn savings interest. GSave partnered with banks like the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) and Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB) Bank. The interest rate in particular with CIMB is at a high of 2.6%. A good option for passive income generation.
  • Investment opportunities. GInvest can let you invest as low as PHP50 towards professionally managed funds. It’s another way to have a source of passive income generated. 
  • Prizes while playing games: GCash has games where you can participate in under Goama Games in GLife. Tournaments are active and climbing up the leaderboard gets you cool prizes.


This is also an e-wallet that comes close in popularity with GCash in the Phillippines. You can use the e-wallet to transfer and receive funds, buy a variety of loads, pay bills and easily book flights and hotels and the like. They are the leading app in cryptocurrency e-wallets. Here are other ways to earn using Coins.ph

  • Trade: Coins.ph is a reliable platform to buy, sell and store crypto even without a bank account. You can buy crypto for as low as PHP5.00 and sell for higher returns.  
  • Earn Loyalty points: They have the Coins Rewards Program where you can earn loyalty points as you continue to actively use the app. Though these are not convertible to cash, they are redeemable as vouchers from merchants like Shopee, Lazada and Puregold. 

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Be a Content creator or Livestreamer via Social Apps

Try to explore social apps as a content creator or a livestreamer and you might be surprised at the potential earning potential you can have. Especially if you have a hobby or a special interest or skill to tell stories on this would have followers and viewers liking your work. Here are two good platforms to look into.


This is a livestreaming app that caters to Filipinos from every corner of the world. It has been growing in popularity for the content it features as well as the way to earn from the app, too either as an active livestreamer or a participant in quiz shows. 

  • Be a Live Streamer

The main way to maximise earnings in Kumu is by becoming a content creator or streamer. All you need to start your own broadcast channel is a smartphone with a camera. You can post anything you are good at doing and this can range from cooking, sewing, sketching or perhaps sharing your viewpoints on interesting current topics. You can also opt to sell pre-loved items on livestream.

Kumu viewers will be able to give you virtual gifts with a diamond equivalent. Diamonds are Kumu’s in-app currency and every 50,000 diamonds is equal to PHP750 to PHP1000. As you get more badges and stay continuously active diamonds will have a higher exchange rate. 

  • Get into Quiz shows

You can still earn from Kumu even if you’re not a livestreamer. Just go ahead and join quick shows like ”Quiz Mo Ko”, the trivia game show that’s popular in Kumu. Prizes vary per game but it can reach up to PHP1 million. Cash prizes are evenly divided among winners. 


This is a social media platform where you can choose various ways how to earn via the app. Here are the options you have: 

  • Share content: Post pictures and videos which are of high quality which will help you earn Lyka gems. If viewers rate your post, you’ll also be earning the in-app currency. One Lyka gem is equal to PHP1.00.  
  • Rate other People’s content: You can like a post of other folks and doing so will also earn you gems. You can pay for items and services at partner merchants or cash them out to get your earnings in pesos. 

Note: Currently, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas suspended operations. Lyka is working on getting things settled and up and running by end of the year. The latest update was LYKA Philippines wrote a letter to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. requesting to expedite their SEC registration. The letter was received by the Office of the President on July 27, 2022.

Active user of Multimedia Apps

If you’re a voracious reader of online news and love to view videos, you can choose the following apps and earn from having a great time, too. You can also easily withdraw your earnings via bank transfer or GCash or other e-wallets.


You just need to read news articles, watch videos, view memes, play games, make referrals, and answer surveys through your smartphone to earn from Buzzbreak. Earnings are also readily available via GCash. Every activity earns you points with a PHP equivalent. As soon as you earn PHP1.00, you can withdraw it.

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The in-app currency here is called Kachings. Just be active on the app every time you read, watch, and share content you’ll earn Kachings. This currency can be spent at the SnippetMall, where partner merchants like Grab, Zalora, Garena, Honestbee, and the like.

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Explore ways to earn using your mobile  

Aside from these legit apps to earn money in the Philippines, there are more ways you can make extra money using your smartphone. Here are some more ideas.

Buy and Sell Online

Decluttering is a great way to improve your direct living environment. It’s also a good way to earn extra income. Almost any trash you post online can possibly be someone else’s treasure. One of the most popular online platforms is Facebook Marketplace. Giving it a go can also lead to spark interest in starting your own online shop. You can go to Lazada or Shopee as they are one of the most popular in the Philippines with a wide market reach.  

Prepaid Load Business

There are millions of mobile users in the Philippines and bumping into someone needing to top up their load is a sure thing. Smart and Globe are the two most popular providers and they also do have their own setup on how you can sell load. Just check them out and offer both options for your friends, family and workmates as well as neighbours that you have available. Remember, you don’t have to be at their location. They can just notify you of the purchase.

Freelance jobs

Mobile phones nowadays are fully capable of conducting several tasks without a problem. You can post on Upwork of jobs that you can do using your mobile phone. This can be anywhere from data entry, typing or chat services. You can also connect a keyboard for smartphones and have writing assignments, too. 

Your Own YouTube Channel

Mobile phones nowadays are so advanced in their features that it’s the only device you’d need to create a good channel on YouTube. You can tap into your hobbies and create videos of this. If having other devices is a challenge, make your videos creative and interesting to the audience you have in mind. 

Make your content family-friendly, and interesting and make sure you’re able to provide a pool of interesting tidbits and information. The more content, there will be more views and subscribers. This can increase the payout from YouTube in the long run.  


If you have the gift of gab and are comfortable sharing your interests with everyone, vlogging might be the perfect source of income for you. Just film yourself or create topics that are connected to your life. This can be a tad challenging and come with risks, too. Just make sure to plan things out and still establish borders on your privacy.

Potential earnings can be from PHP12.82 to PHP200 for every 1,000 views on YouTube. Other platforms like Facebook Live have a larger following online. If you’re able to tap into interests that are shared by a lot of followers, you can grow as an Influencer that would also rake in possible sponsoring offers as well as advertisers that have your target market in mind. 

Mobile Gaming

There are a lot of mobile games that offer a chance to earn money. One of the most popular ones is Mobile Legends. It is one of the most recognized e-sports in the country and was part of the 2019 SEA Games. If you’re able to reach the professional level, you can participate in tournaments that carry hefty prizes not just for the champions but also in different categories. 

Becoming an Influencer

This can take some more effort and more time spent on planning things out. What topic you’d like to focus on, what are your objectives, look into who your target market will be, and will you be focusing on this as the main artery of your income? If you have thought everything out and planned your goals to become an influencer in a field of interest you feel passionate about and highly skilled at, you’re on your way to earn as much as PHP50,000 a month or more. You can do all this just by using your mobile especially if you’re resourceful and creative in your work. 

With the plethora of resources right at our fingertips as well as how immensely connected the markets are — finding the perfect side hustle will be easier than you think. We encourage you to start small and get yourself warmed up to see how things are. It’s best to also plot out your goals in terms of earning potential.

Any thoughts on ways to earn more online? Just comment down below and let us know your thoughts, ideas and feedback. Feel free to also share the news with friends and family. You’ll always have some time free and you can always choose to make this profitable.

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