PHP14.9 million 6/45 Megalotto jackpot shared by 2 winners!

Posted by DG, Date posted at October 8, 2022

What are the odds of having two winners of one lotto jackpot? Really, really good. Two lucky instant millionaires bought their Megalotto ticket at a lotto outlet in Quezon City on October 2, 2022 — a Sunday, and a day before the October 3, Monday 6/45 draw.

lotto outlet in quezon city
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Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office delightfully welcomed the winners at the PCSO main office in Sun Plaza Building, Mandaluyong. Carefully verified their tickets and their identities as well as made sure that the tickets have the signatures on the back.

Although lotto winnings of PHP 10,000 and above are subject to a 20% tax (under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN Law) — the joy seen and felt when the prizes were given out was palpable.

PCSO shared just enough detail about the winners to satisfy the public’s curiosity. One bettor hails from Panabo, Davao del Norte and the other comes from Navotas, Metro Manila. The total jackpot of P 14,985,585.80 will be shared equally by the two winners. To note, the winning 6/54 Megalotto combination is 45-04-38-44-21-36.

There is more good news to add to the roster of 6/45 Megalotto winners. There were fifteen other lotto enthusiasts who hit five of the winning numbers. They each won PHP32,000. Not bad for almost getting the complete combination.

Currently, one very interesting jackpot is that of the 6/55 Grand Lotto whose draw also happened on Monday. No one hit the winning combination of 26-14-51-10-12-08, making the jackpot of PHP29.7 million roll over to the next draw.

Although there were also fifteen bettors who were able to hit five of the winning numbers and won PHP100,000 each.

All’s good with PCSO’s lotto games. Truly, one wonders if Fate plays its part and has been choosing the winners all this time.

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