M88 Mansion, an online gambling platform gets Manny Pacquiao as Brand Ambassador

Posted by DG, Date posted at October 5, 2022

The latest alliance between two giants in the world of online gaming and sports enthusiasts M88 (aka Mansion88) and Manny Pacquiao signals the tremendous growth of the online sports betting community. This daunting team announced on Thursday, September 15 that they have signed the pact to be partners and will be creating a resounding roar for upcoming events, projects and exhibitions. Definitely, something to look forward to in the world of online sports betting.

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Manny Pacquiao New Partnership with Online Gambling Platform M88 Mansion

The world-renowned boxing champion and gambling enthusiast Manny Pacquiao will be actively involved and hands-on in the new partnership with M88. The first project would be to feature the “Pacquiao Mansion”. This will be an online space that will promote boxing, basketball and MMA events. The special twist to this would be the choices here are the top picks of the world champion himself.

M88 is among the top rated and top calibre online sports betting sites around. Their site is considered one of the most well-thought in terms of ease of navigation as well as well-informed choices on online sports betting. They are known to be innovative in how they have categorized sports to suit the preferences of potential new customers as well as loyal patrons of their online sports betting site.

They are also known to offer one of the biggest welcome bonuses as well as ongoing incentives for online sports betting site enthusiasts. To top this off, their customer service team has also built a solid reputation as efficient and competent to keep customers comfortable in their game. No wonder Pacquiao also chose them in his first shot into this new online sports betting venture.

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He further expounded, “I could not be more thrilled to partner with M88 Mansion with a special focus on sports. M88 Mansion has always amplified international sports events, and our partnership will surely take their approach to even greater heights,” Without missing a beat, he further added, “Our collaboration will offer huge promotions and much more. I am so excited to create new opportunities with M88 Mansion worldwide. I believe this partnership has the capacity to deliver entertainment in the most powerful and imaginative of ways.”

With this new development in M88, it’s anyone’s best guess on how mindblowing the future offers will be. There were also hints dropped that M88 will be featuring the eight-division world champion himself in possible exhibition boxing matches and other unexpectedly awesome activities throughout the Asian region. 

Alan Wafer, M88’s Head of Commercial declared, “We are excited to have boxing legend and national icon Manny Pacquiao as the newest M88 Mansion ambassador,” and further added, “rest assured that M88 Mansion is fully committed to bringing out quality products on par with the legendary boxer’s status.” M88 has truly planned things out with long-term results in mind for the growth and further excellent results for the online sports betting environment.

In a nutshell, the newly minted partnership between M88 and Pacquiao will definitely be a mover and shaker in the online sports betting scene. Gaming enthusiasts will have a lot of fun in the upcoming events and offers.

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