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Las Vegas Casino: Blackjack Dealer continues despite player collapsing from a heart attack 

Posted by DG, Date posted at February 27, 2023

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Nothing stops the game for one blackjack dealer in Vegas. 

At the Wynn Las Vegas casino, David Jagolinzer was enjoying a game of blackjack when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest and collapsed onto the table. 

Normally, if this happens, people would swoop down and help out the person who suddenly lost consciousness. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the blackjack casino dealer at Jagolinzer’s table. 

David Jagolinzer

The dealer didn’t check on him — according to a filed lawsuit — and neither did any of the security guards roving on the casino floor. 

For 16 minutes, Jagolinzer lay unconscious as people kept playing blackjack around him, the suit states.

Only then, when another blackjack dealer came to the table, did things start to happen, according to the suit.

“She was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s blue.’ That was the only time they took any action,” said Christian Morris, a lawyer representing Jagolinzer’s family in the lawsuit.

 Jagonlinzer has since passed away and this was attributed to the lack of help to administer first aid or call emergency services to help him out. 

Jagonlinzer’s widow, who also left two young kids, is suing Wynn Resorts for wrongful death and negligence. This was filed last week at the District Court of Clark County, the family members allege that Wynn Las Vegas employees should have realized Jagolinzer was having a medical emergency far sooner and assert that if they had, he might still be alive.

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During the first 20 minutes since Jagolinzer initially became unconscious, Wynn employees then attempted to render him aid with a defibrillator, documents said. The lawsuit also alleges the employees were not trained to use the machine, which attempts to restart a person’s heart.

Paramedics arrived 26 minutes after Jagolinzer’s collapse on the table, the lawsuit said. He suffered severe brain damage from lack of medical attention, lawyers said, and eventually passed away due to his deteriorating condition.

This is extremely unfortunate and heartbreaking. Perhaps this shows how jaded the employees are at the establishment and have seen too many folks drop dead out of being intoxicated or for other very minor reasons. 

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Hopefully, this story reaches all casino resorts and similar businesses to always be ready for any emergency that happens. Would you like us to provide a thorough review of which casino resort has the best facilities and an impeccable record of customer service? Just comment down below and let us know more details. We’ll have this featured on our pages for you guys, cheers!

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