City of Dreams Manila First PH IR Accredited by RG Check

Posted by DG, Date posted at December 29, 2022

Melco Resorts and Entertainment, the casino operator of City of Dreams Manila has garnered one of the most sought-after accreditations in the integrated resorts community and this was receiving the RG Check accreditation for all its casinos globally. This is a landmark accomplishment not only in the Philippines but also a representation of how Melco’s standards are beyond one’s expectations. 

Melco integrated resorts dot several countries and major destination hubs. Namely, this is in Macau, Manila and Cyprus. Melco’s integrity in its commitment to safeguarding the welfare and well-being of its guests is represented by RG Check, an international third-party gaming accreditation body.

City of Dreams Manila, sitting on a 6.2-hectare property, just in close proximity at the gateway of Entertainment City’s Manila Bay area and part of the Aseana City township development — has continuously evolved and has become one of the premier leisure and entertainment destinations in integrated resorts.

City of Dreams Manila is also recognized as a three-time recipient in the World Travel Awards as the Leading Casino Resort in Asia and the World. Notably, in April 2021 Melco set a milestone as the first Integrated Resort Operator in both Macau and the Philippines to receive the esteemed Responsible Gaming (RG) accreditation of RG Check for its entire portfolio in Macau and City of Dreams Manila. 

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Following this milestone, Melco Cyprus, operator of Cyprus Casinos (C2) and the upcoming integrated resort City of Dreams Mediterranean also received the RG Check in December 2021. This further cements the unshakeable commitment of Melco to always keep the safety and security of their patrons top of mind. 

At the helm of City of Dreams Manila is Property President Geoff Andres who leads colleagues in implementing the Responsible Gaming (RG) program.

City of Dreams Manila: RG Check Accolades and Recognition

Why is the RG Check important to the field of integrated resorts? They are the gold standard on accreditation and are the world’s most comprehensive and rigorous responsible gaming accreditation program. 

They were founded and developed by the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) to meet or exceed all existing responsible gaming regulatory requirements. Their stamp of approval runs only for three straight years and the assessment committee is composed of a prestigious and independent panel of responsible gaming specialists.

Without question, the leadership behind Melco, Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho is a major influence and catalyst for the achievements, “Responsible gaming continues to be at the core of our commitment to society as we continue to offer the highest standards of service whilst striving to ensure the provision of a safe and fair gaming experience for all our valued guests. We are committed to the development and maintenance of a culture of responsible gaming in every jurisdiction in which we operate, respecting and fully cooperating with international government and gaming regulators.”

RGC CEO Shelley White commended Melco Resorts, “Throughout this process, Melco has demonstrated its transparency as an operator and has made the duty of care a priority in its operations. In particular, we commend Melco on a best-in-class score in the Standard Areas of RG Policy, Strategy and Culture which recognizes Melco’s strong responsible gaming leadership and its comprehensive and integrated approach to building a responsible gaming culture that demonstrates awareness of the potential harms caused by gambling, as well as prevention and mitigation measures.” 

Responsible Gaming (RG) practices at City of Dreams Manila

City of Dreams Manila has brochures and appropriate signage on Responsible Gaming (RG) displayed at key areas such as the Melco Club counter on the main gaming floor, where fully trained Responsible Gaming Ambassadors are available 24/7 for guests needing assistance.

There are also RG desks in place on the gaming floors and RG Ambassadors are available 24 hours a day.  Anyone can be approached by guests who would like to be assisted and apply for the  Self-Exclusion or Family-Exclusion program of the Philippine Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). There is also help available via the 24-hour RG hotline and counseling service offered by a professional counseling partner.

Property President Geoff Andres emphasizes and spearheads the implementation of its Responsible Gaming campaign “Stay in Control” to help protect patrons from any adverse effects of gaming through a dynamic RG Steering Committee. The committee leads dedicated colleagues to actively implement an effective program with constant player education, colleague training, and best practices. Colleague engagement activities are conducted to sharpen the skills and hone the creativity of participants in promoting RG, among these: video-making, mural painting, poster-making contests, and the periodic RG Quiz.

Murals for Responsible Gaming contest

City of Dreams Manila also conducted an awesome poster-making campaign with the theme and slogan, “Responsible Gaming: Stay in Control”. The winning entries are now posted as mural paintings along a wall at the heart-of-the-house area. 

There is also a comprehensive colleague training program that enables staff to be RG Ambassadors who will have the necessary knowledge and skills on how to respond to questions about the resort’s RG program as well as how to handle requests for Self or Family Exclusion. City of Dreams Manila also runs an annual RG online review and a semi-annual online assessment course that continuously strengthens RG awareness among colleagues.

Kudos to the folks at City of Dreams Manila for always pushing forward and always keeping their standards at an excellent level for all guests. This just makes it easier for us to choose City of Dreams Manila as the go-to integrated resort not only here in the Philippines but also while traveling outside of the country. Let us know how this piece of news has also made a difference for you guys. As ever, we look forward to hearing from you. Hope to hear from you soon, cheers!

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