Top 15 Gambling Meccas in the World

Posted by DG, Date posted at January 13, 2023

It’s that time of the year when we seek the best to get the new year started on the right foot. We’ve gathered the best of the best gambling countries in the world in this article for you. The significant growth of both land-based and online gambling has seen the field flourish. There are also new players who are adding to the excitement and the luxury of the casino lifestyle. 

Licensed casino operators are also breaking through new markets and the reception has been surprisingly positive. The trend of markets also opening up with a more relaxed vibe when it comes to tourism — both local and international — also helped grant more developments and progress towards the higher standards on not only services but also the safety, security albeit ease of transactions.

Currently, the market size for both land-based and online gambling totals an amazing USD 231 billion. Online gambling alone has the potential to exceed USD114 billion before the end of this decade with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 11% up to 2028.

The boost in changing perception of casinos is also a great help in moving the industry forward at a faster pace. Legalization and cultural approval are seen in major urban areas of each country. This has also become a moving force to expand towards unexplored areas that will further complement the market reach. Online sports companies are also receiving high-profile sponsorships with various sports clubs like football, and racing clubs to attract new customers. Indeed the ease of access has sparked optimism about how online casinos will be in the future.  

Currently, the biggest players in the world include Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN), MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM), and Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE:LVS). These casino operators have established themselves in the major gambling hubs in the world namely the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and China, among others discussed in detail below. The pandemic did have things at a standstill but the gambling industry has since recovered after restrictions have lightened with the virus at bay.

Here’s a run-down of the top 15 gambling meccas in the world: 

Our Methodology

The countries featured in our list were based on a gathering of information from top resources on casino reviews and reports. Among them is H2 Gambling Capital which has rounded up the gambling gross win for each country. We decided to have the ranking based solely on this solid figure and added more information on each country’s winning performance and qualities that make it among the most preferred destinations in the world.  

15. Netherlands

Total Gambling Gross Win: $3 Billion 

The gaming authority in the Netherlands is The Kansspelautoriteit (Ksa) which enforces provisions of the Dutch Gambling Act of 1964. One of the biggest gambling firms here is The Holland Casino but has found the pandemic situation slowing down its popularity with the market shifting its focus to online gambling. The country has a rich history in the world of gambling. They have one of the oldest lotteries in the world, The Staatsloterij, and has been in existence since 1726. They also count world-famous casinos like the Haarlemmermeerse Bos, Holland Casino Valkenburg, Holland Casino Venlo, and Gran Casino Tiel. Currently, the country is working on flexible legislation and focusing on the internet gaming sector to further have higher tax revenues both from local and international operators and bettors in the world. 

14. Russia

Total Gambling Gross Win: $4 Billion     

With a land mass that covers 6,612,074 sq miles and a population of 144 million, Russia is steadily becoming one of the top players in the gambling industry. There was very strict legislation on gambling during the former Soviet Union in the 1920s but these were eased during the 1990s. The land-based casinos have been thriving since 1987 but the country remains closed to internet-based casino operators to this day. Among the prominent casinos that have achieved global popularity are Kazino Sochi, Shambhala Casino, Casino Sobranie, Altai Palace Casino, and Crystal and Tigre De Cristal Resort & Casino. They are known to be among Europe’s finest establishments and offer a wide variety of games to players. 

13. Philippines

Total Gambling Gross Win: $5 Billion 

Over the years, the Philippines has steadily evolved into becoming one of the best tourist spots for gambling. The leading authority on regulation is the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. With a population of 115 million and an area of  115,831 sq miles, the Philippines is home to several world-famous casino resorts such as Resorts World, and the City of Dreams, among others. There are also more than fifty land-based casinos both privately and government-owned. There are also numerous tourist spots and festivals that draw tourists both local and international. Currently, both land-based and internet gambling entities have generated over USD1 billion for the country. 

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12. Singapore

Total Gambling Gross Win: $6 Billion   

Even though the total area of Singapore is only 277 square miles along with just a population of 5.8 million, it still is considered one of the world’s major gambling hubs. The state-sponsored lottery, Singapore Pools, has been running since 1968 as well as permission to run sports betting. Over the years, as revenue increased from gambling businesses, the government also established laws that encourage the industry to grow. Currently, the government awarded two casino licenses to Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, which are some of the biggest casinos in the world.  

11. Spain

Total Gambling Gross Win: $10 Billion     

Encompassing a total area of 195,364 square miles and growing with a population of 47 million, Spain is considered one of the biggest gambling countries in the world. They also have a heritage of gambling with former emperors and their families obsessed with gambling and lotteries. In 1981, Spain officially legalized gambling and almost 80% of adults in the country play the popular Christmas lottery game called El Gordo — which in turn generates almost $1 billion every year. Sports betting is also one of the leading games here. Major international sports events, such as the Spanish Grand Prix and Madrid Masters, attract many sports bettors. Traditional bullfighting is also a highlight that attracts many tourists and gambling enthusiasts from around the world.  

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10. South Korea

Total Gambling Gross Win: $11 Billion 

Spanning a total area of 38,623 square miles and a population hovering at 51 million, South Korea has also achieved recognition as one of the most sought-after gambling meccas in the world. This is despite casinos and sports betting having a public perception of being risky businesses to go into. There is noted leniency for land-based casinos meant for tourists and expatriate residents. The gambling industry also includes casinos, lotteries, bingo, poker and betting. The world-renowned establishments in South Korea are Seven Luck Casino Gangbuk, Paradise City Casino, Seven Luck Casino Busan Lotte, and Majestar Casino Jeju Island. 

9. France

Total Gambling Gross Win: $13 Billion     

France holds a prominent place in the global gambling industry. With a total area of 212,900 square miles and a population of 67 million, the gambling hubs are found mostly in Paris and Cannes. The current total tally of casinos in the country is over 300.  They also play host to events that have attracted the sports betting industry namely, French Open, the Tour De France and the Rugby Six, which have attracted the sports betting industry. Further complementing this are high-profile horse races, such as Chantilly. The country is also known for having the best poker players in the world as well as the most lenient gambling laws in Europe. 

8. Canada

Total Gambling Gross Win: $14 Billion  

The stable economy in Canada is one of the major reasons why it has established itself as one of the major destinations for gambling aficionados. Hovering at a massive area that totals 3.8 million square miles and a population of 38 million, it has also achieved a status as one of the best places to live in with a high quality of life. About 75% of adult Canadians have gambled once in their lives. It’s important to note that lottery tickets are attached to Christmas gifts, a reflection of how popular gambling is in the local culture. Sports betting is the major attraction in the country, especially in the arena of Ice Hockey, and winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding tournaments. 

7. Germany

Total Gambling Gross Win: $16 Billion 

One of the countries that have recently liberalized gambling laws, Germany is set to strongly remain one of the most sought-after gambling meccas in the world. With a population of 83 million and an area of 137,847 sq miles, they have the potential and resources to further pursue goals for the gaming industry. The German Gaming Law (GGL) has now made private gambling operators able to offer their services on the German market with the accompanying license. The most popular casinos in the country include DUISBURG, BADEN-BADEN, Berlin, Hamburg, and Konstanz. There are more than 400 gambling establishments in the country that also include casino resorts. Currently, online sports betting and online gaming are gaining popularity along with poker games such as Omaha, Texas Hold-em and Seven Card Stud.

6. Australia

Total Gambling Gross Win: $18 Billion  

They are not only one of the most progressive countries in the world but are also counted as among the ones who have the fastest growing economies. Australia has strongly built itself to support its citizens and thus its lifestyle has room to explore recreational avenues that include casino resorts, and land-based and internet-based gambling. Currently, the area of New South Wales is the leading hub of the gaming industry. This is considered the gambling region in the country as well as host to the most land-based casinos. The country’s favourite games at the moment are slot machines and poker games. The arena of sports betting also holds a special place in the hearts of Australians. They are host to international sports events such as the Australian Open and the Ashes.   

5. United Kingdom

 Total Gambling Gross Win: $19 Billion    

The United Kingdom has been a constant in the list of gambling meccas of the world. With a total population of 69 million and an area of 700 sq miles, it remains one of the most sought-after tourist spots for gambling aficionados. Currently, the British gambling industry is witnessing a boom after the global pandemic. There are now higher-than-expected revenues earned from both land-based casinos and online gaming operators especially when it comes to sports betting and other favourite online games. The best casinos in the world are also found in the United Kingdom. To name a few are  Aspers Casino, Villento Casino, Manchester235, the Hippodrome Casino, the UK Casino Club, Grand Mondial, and MagicRed Casino. Reports from the UK Gambling Commission show that in the year 2021, both  remote and online betting was able to become one of the largest sectors of the market with the total wagers from them alone hovering at 52.3%.  

4. Italy

Total Gambling Gross Win: $20 Billion    

One of the most romantic countries in Europe, Italy has an area that’s 116,400 square miles and nurturing a population that totals 58 million. It also has a very rich history in gambling as well as many inventors of casino games. One of the most revered casino games, Baccarat, is an Italian game that dates back to the 17th century. Another tool for creating great game strategies for roulette that can also trace back roots to Italy is the Fibonacci. Since the country relaxed its gambling laws back in 2008, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds. The locations in Italy where gambling boomed are  Milan and Venice with more than 15 casinos in their area. Sports betting is also one of the leading games here with football tournaments as well as the Rome Masters tennis tournament being hosted in the country. 

3. Japan

Total Gambling Gross Win: $50 Billion  

Having one of the most stable economies in the world has also played a major role in strengthening the gambling industry in Japan. With a population of 126 million and an area of 378,000 sq miles, Japan is believed to be one of the biggest gambling countries. This is despite having legal restrictions on most forms of gambling under the country’s Criminal Code Chapter 23. The exceptions to this rule are the areas of sports betting and horse racing. Another interesting evolution came from the country forbidding cash prizes in gambling. Therefore, the winnings are traded as cigarettes, chocolate bars, pencils, lighters, etc. The globally popular game, Pachinko, now runs on LCD technology and has a market size of $200 billion. Ingenious and creative ways were built to still enjoy forms of gambling and this includes the online gambling market in Japan had reached $6.7 billion in size by 2021.

2. China

Total Gambling Gross Win: $70 Billion 

Super-sized with a population of 1.4 billion and an area of 3,700,000 sq miles, China is considered one of the biggest gambling countries in the world. By 2021, the online gambling market has reached USD 9.2 billion and is expected to balloon at the year 2027 to reach USD 14.7 billion by 2027. This is despite having the government not allow gambling which is considered illegal. Being in the top five leading gambling markets of the work stems from games such as Mahjong, card games, and online games, all of which involve gambling of some kind, and have achieved immense significance in the local culture. 

1. United States of America

Total Gambling Gross Win: $119 Billion     

Without a doubt, the USA remains the top leading gambling mecca worldwide. They still garner the highest gross wins every year. With a population of 333 million and an area of 3.7 million square miles, the USA also is the most powerful country in the world. They host a plethora of sports events and are also considered a major global hub. Among the global sporting events are the NBA Finals, the NFL Super Bowl, and Major League Baseball. It follows that sports betting is the favourite among all gaming choices in the country. Proof of this is the strong trend seen in betting companies achieving increased revenues annually. A show of support for this is evident when the US Supreme Court legalized sports betting in 50 states recently. The largest casinos are also found in the US with Las Vegas leading the pack. Among the most popular establishments are the Cosmopolitan, Foxwoods, Thunder Valley Casino Resort Lincoln, Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville, WinStar World Casino Resort Thackerville, and the Borgata Hotel Casino.

We hope that this article has been useful for everyone! There are possibilities in all the countries on our list when it comes to enjoying an adventure with a different twist. Feel free to comment below if you’d like to see topics on a subject matter you have in mind. We welcome this and work on having it featured in future articles for you. 

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