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A Review of the Top Blockchain Casino: AG Club

Posted by DG, Date posted at February 2, 2023

Times they are a-changing to quote Bob Dylan. Such are the choices of online casino enthusiasts. Before, not quite so long ago, one only had to choose which is the safest online gaming site and also note who the game suppliers are to more or less choose the right fit. Now, there are also options for modes of payment that find themselves between two teams. Will you wager via fiat money or cryptocurrency?  

Here’s where questions pop up and some hesitance to go forward. We heard your clamour to have an easier time choosing the right one and we believe we were able to pinpoint which online casino can be among the best blockchain-based online casinos around, AG Club. Do note that if an online casino is synonymous with being a blockchain-based entity, it also means that you are in the most secure hands around. 

Quick Overview

NameAG Club
Founded YearSince 2012
Game TypesOnline Casino Games
AppsiPhone & Android Devices
SupportEmail & Phone
Deposit MethodsUSDT, USDC, ETH, BTC
Withdrawal MethodsUSDT, USDC, ETH, BTC

What is the Origin of the AG Club and its present-day status?

The AG Club built a solid foundation on being the best online casino betting site in the Philippines. They are among the pioneers in the industry and have since been verified and licensed as a gambling operator since 2012. They are the first to offer global cryptocurrency development for online casinos and have fine-tuned their operation seamlessly with blockchain technology.

Their platform is best in class with a top standard one-station deposit-withdrawal service — enabling customers to transact with complete privacy and safety, remaining anonymous and without the usual limits or restrictions with fiat money transactions. Having these benefits via the AG Club’s site has been around for the longest time and they are ahead of the pack when it comes to ensuring smooth cryptocurrency transactions. 

No wonder, the roster of players that are loyal to the AG Club is a global market. They were able to combine traditional casino games with blockchain technology. Being the first to do so in the Philippines has its advantages for they were also able to establish themselves solidly in the online casino market having cryptocurrency options at the ready. One can count on fair play and intuitive games consistently at the AG Club. 

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Your Edge When Playing with AG Club 

Leading the pack in Asia:

The AG Club has solidly built its customer base for the past 10 years. It is now the leading brand in Asia with over 10 million players and is endorsed by numerous countries. They have an excellent customer service team at its multilingual best. It’s impossible to get disappointed if you give it a try at the AG Club. They know their customers and approach things with a depth of insight to enable a great gaming experience.

Visual Aesthetics and Intuitive Play

You can immediately spot how the AG Club have carefully chosen how their visual aesthetics are pleasing to the eye. Customers ease into the choices designed intuitively to make it easy for anyone to navigate their online casino site. They definitely know how to stand out to be the site to go to.

Fair Play, Full Stop

Customers will be sensing and experiencing how games are chosen by The AG Club. As one lingers and plays the games on the site, details that reveal how fair play is found at every angle are seen. From the registration process to logging in and the actual gaming experience itself, there is fair play for everyone.  

Utmost Confidentiality and Security

Known to be the first to offer cryptocurrency in the Philippine online gaming industry, the AG Club has consistently met expectations on privacy and anonymity with every transaction. They were also able to build into the system that allows a 1:1 ratio on deposit and withdrawal conversions to prevent exchange rate swings and fluctuations.

Easy Registration process 

There are only a few steps to register your account on the AG Club:  

First, just go to the AG Club website: and tap on the register page. 

From there, you will have two options on how to register. This will be either using a phone number or via a username. Simply fill in the details requested and provide a strong password. If you have a referral code, feel free to use this at this point. 

If you prefer using a phone number, just provide your mobile number and wait for the verification code to be sent there. And, that’s it. You’re now able to join the AG Club. b.

Ways to Earn at the AG Club

Surprisingly, the AG Club encourages customers to explore options on how to earn on their online casino site. But first, they are avid endorsers of responsible gaming. Every player should have a set budget for playing. If a losing streak comes up, just simply walk away and give it another day or two before diving back.  

Here are tips and ways that the AG Club recommends for all their customers:

  • Make sure that you have the proper equipment, namely a quality webcam, microphone, and a fast, reliable internet connection.
  • Simply register to the AG Club and you can soon start streaming.
  • Being at the AG Club, it’s best to follow fellow players — in this way, your account will be followed, too. Be active and engaging with your viewers and stream as regularly as you can. The more followers you have, the more likely you’ll be able to earn money. You can also interact with other streamers and strike up possible giveaways and the like.  
  • Live casino sessions are as great as the players that are in the gaming session. You can be the one to initiate a fun atmosphere, after all, you’re with peers who are gaming enthusiasts, too. The AG Club makes it possible for a great live casino experience that would have players online for quite some time. There can be discussions on gameplay and strategies as well as celebrations with the winners of the gaming session.  
  • It’s best to have a regular schedule for your gaming sessions. In this way, you’ll most likely meet the same set of folks who are into the same games as you are. This also makes it possible for more followers and to have sessions even more fun.   

Referral System Rewards 

The AG Club is also known for having one of the best referral programs around. There are bonuses once referrals are made. This is how the online community at the AG Club becomes even stronger as well as earns some extra income in the process. For example, if someone signs up for the AG Club using your referral link, they’ll also receive some wallet amount.

Is AG Club Legit?

This is an absolute yes. They have been licensed since 2012 and have been a popular choice for online casino players. The community of users numbers in the millions. The AG Club has also made it possible for players to earn something extra with referrals and total followers on accounts. Having this symbiotic environment keeps players coming back for more.  


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