Philippines’ Latest and Greatest: Online Casinos as of Nov. 2022

Posted by DG, Date posted at November 2, 2022

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It’s that time of the year when we’re going to be having some of the busiest holiday seasons in online casino gaming. The upcoming holidays are going to be spent the way we want to roll. So, our team decided to hunker down and take another look at what’s out there for you guys. What we have in store is the most complete list we can have available. These are the latest sites as of the first of November 2022 that will be worth your time, not to say the least, your bankroll, too. 

Be assured that all operators and online casino sites we feature here are registered and duly regulated by the government’s Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Most have also withstood the test of time as well as customer feedback which can really help knock down any questionable player in the field of online casinos. We also laid down important details that you might want to look into before choosing the best online casino that fits your preference. This ranges from the variety of games it offers, bonuses, freebies and, most of all, flexible payment options.

Here we go! Take your pick and jot down notes so you’ll be able to mark and target the best online casino that would surely make your gameplay a thrilling experience.

The Best Online Casino Real Money Philippines Reviewed

We looked into the possible categories, as well as characteristics that you possibly hold up there in your list of criteria when choosing your online casino site. Here’s what we have found out so far:

  • BK8 – Best overall site for online gambling in the Philippines.
  • MyBookie – Strongest security.
  • BetOnline – Top live dealer casino.
  • 1xBet – Range of payment methods.
  • 22Bet – Top blackjack tournament gambling online.
  • ShangriLa – Best special offers online gambling dealer
  • Fun88 – Best new casino site.
  • Betinasia – Great selection of real money online casinos in the Philippines.
  • Bet365 – Best online casino app.
  • Me88 – Top online casino for slots.
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Best Online Gambling Sites in the Philippines

Here are our top five picks from the list we provided earlier on. Let’s look into each online casino site in more detail. You’ll surely be able to assess which will keep you playing for a long time:

1.    BK8: Asia’s #1 for Live Online Gambling in the Philippines

BK8 is known for its specialization as an Asian casino games supplier. These are live casino games that feature over a dozen live casinos that are powered by top software companies with the likes of Evolution, Asia Gaming and Pragmatic Play. You won’t have a hard time spotting a good game that you’d like right away. BK8 is also a comprehensive gaming platform. You can freely access slots, lottery games as well as a highly-active sportsbook. 

BK8: Asia’s #1 for Live Online Gambling in the Philippines

2.    MyBookie- Highly recommended International Site

MyBookie has been around for decades and has been among the favourite sites around the world. It has licenses from Antigua and Barbuda — showing suitability for Filipino players. They also feature a Philippine online casino with live casino offerings, horseracing, and other sports. Slots are supplied by Betsoft and have a generous welcome bonus for first-time players. Note that they only work with USD.

MyBookie Philippine online casino

3.    BetOnline: Solid reputation

There have been 25 years of standing as one of the strongest online casinos with BetOnline. They provide sports betting that includes esports, slot machines, the whole plethora of blackjack, roulette and other casino games. The welcome bonus is pegged at PHP50,000 on the condition that it is a 50% bonus and awarded in USD.

4.    1xBet: Gaming Veterans’ Choice 

Another online casino that has been in the industry since the early 2000s, 1xBet has rapidly grown in recent years with its offering the greatest variety of slots, real money, online casino games which are very popular in the Philippines, and live casino online. They also offer a generous bonus of up to PHP5,400 and constructed excellent terms and conditions for the gaming enthusiast. 

1xBet: Gaming Veterans’ Choice

5.    22Bet: High Standards and world-class variety

They foresaw how 1xbet and BK8 were able to lure in players and so, they combined the best features of both online casinos on their own 22bet. This multinational brand offers a great variety of online slots and casino games which will impress the beginner as well as the expert player. They also have live casino tables by renowned suppliers like Evolution, SA gaming and Pragmatic Play. A welcome bonus is offered of up to PHP7,500.  

22bets online casino Philippines

Features and Games of the Best Philippine online casinos

We have asked this question over and over again ourselves. We managed to narrow this down into an easy-to-read table of features and games which we believe Pinoy gaming enthusiasts most frequent online casinos. We also considered how the customer service teams are as well as the feedback generated from fellow players. 

Gambling SiteCasinoLive CasinoSlotsSportsbookPokerBingoLottoApp
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Our criteria in selecting the best online casinos for real money

We understand how important it is to choose the best casino online especially if you’re now diving in with a wager on your favourite game. There are so many online casino sites now that it can be a daunting task to somehow get a bird’s eye view on things and spot the best one. Here’s our guide on how we chose the online casino sites we feature here: 

  1. Variety. The more games and choices an online casino has for the customer, the better chances are of having them stay on and wager. This is especially true for online sports betting. The sports offered must have what locals consider the best ones like boxing, basketball, horse racing, volleyball, tennis, and the like. It’s not too bad to have the less popular sports as well like cricket, soccer, and the like. BK8 is known for this particular arena. 
  2. Perks, Freebies galore: Welcome incentives which are awe-inspiring can really spell the difference for the success of online casinos and games. The lure should match the service though. It’s not so good to have an offer but the gaming experience is not as expected. Best to check feedback from fellow players so as not to waste time. 
  3. Excellent customer service team. Without a doubt, if an online casino has customer service that can help you enjoy your gaming experience consider them a keeper. They should be easy to reach (by email, phone, messaging) and well-informed. Customer service folks will also be able to guide you and make life easier especially when you’d like to withdraw your winnings. The best ones are the online casinos which have survived the test of time.
  4. Payment options. If you can spot that there are at least three or more payment options, most likely the online casino has established itself in the industry. They need to pass stringent processes to be considered a client of the companies involved in payments (e.g. banks, e-wallets). Security, anonymity, and convenience, are just a few criteria that show a reputable online casino is in your midst.  

Real Money Online Gambling sites in the Philippines

Here are our top three when it comes to diving into the serious gaming business. They offer some of the best varieties of games and have great customer service teams as well. Check them out and see which will suit your preferences best: 

  • BetOnline – 50% Match Up To $1000
  • MyBookie – 100% Match, Up To $1000
  • 22Bet – 100% Match, Up To 7500 PHP

Live Casino Online Gambling Sites In the Philippines

When it comes to having a live dealer, these choices are the best ones there is. They offer an immersive environment and enhance the online gaming experience. The popular games of roulette, blackjack and baccarat are featured on their sites. 

  • BetOnline – 50% Match Up To $1000
  • MyBookie – 100% Match, Up To $1000
  • 22Bet– 100% Match, Up To 7500 PHP

Slots Online Gambling Real Money in the Philippines

These sites offer some of the best varieties of the Slots games. From the 3-reel and video to the most number of play lines, themes, and sound effects — all in the game. It’s up to you which will be the one you’d like to spend time and wager in.  

  • Me88 – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5600 PHP
  • 22Bet – 100% Match, Up To 7500 PHP
  • 1xBet – 100% Match, Up To 5400 PHP

 Online Sports Gambling Sites in the Philippines

Here are the ones we like best when it comes to online sports betting in the Philippines. Just make sure to check their sites first if they have the best terms and conditions available as well as the teams that you’d like to wager on. You can also check if they have different bet types that are to your liking. 

  • BK8 Casino – Up To 150% Bonus
  • 1xBet Casino – Up To PHP5400
  • 22Bet Casino – Bonus Up To PHP7,500
  • Best Online Poker Sites in the Philippines

Here are the best online poker sites available in the Philippines. Take note that wagering can be on a conditional basis and you’d need to check if they can consider your type of betting strategy as well.  

  • Me88 – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5600 PHP
  • 22Bet – 100% Match, Up To 7500 PHP
  • 1xBet – 100% Match, Up To 5400 PHP

Online Gambling Apps in the Philippines

We know. There are more cell phones in the Philippines per square foot than in almost every country in Southeast Asia. The latest count is that 40 million Pinoys have a mobile attached to them at most times of the day. This is why online casino games as well as online video games are growing at a speed fast than a developer can churn out new games. 

Sports betting has a huge following in the Philippines. Most online casinos have an in-app available on their browser for better vertical visuals when using mobile phones. There are apps available as well but not as many sportsbooks at the moment. Let’s give the game developers some more time on this. For sure, they’ll be announcing availability as soon as possible. 

Our top mobile gambling apps available in the Philippines: 

  • 1xBet Casino – Up To PHP540
  • BK8 Casino-Up To 150% Bonus
  • 22Bet Casino – Bonus Up To PHP7,500
  • Me88 – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5600 PHP
  • MyBookie – 100% Match, Up To $1000

Philippine Payment Methods for the Pinoy Gamer 

We know, as gaming enthusiasts ourselves, how crucial it is to have an online casino at the ready with your preferred payment method. It has to be an easy flow of payment to play and withdraw one’s winnings on any game offered. We also took note of how feedback on the online casino’s customer service team leans more on the positive side of the spectrum.

Here’s our quick reference guide on what the top online casinos in the Philippines have when it comes to payment options:  

Gambling SiteBank TransferCryptocurrencyCardseWallets

Oft asked the query: Is Online Gambling Legal in the Philippines?

The surefire answer is a resounding, “Yes!”. The government’s Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation have been regulating and providing licenses to online casinos since 2008. PAGCOR has also initiated projects which will truly enhance the online casino and casino resorts in the country. 

The current one is the mega integrated resorts at The Entertainment City strip in Manila which has several multi-million casino resorts at its helm. Eventually, this is the area where the Philippines can rival Las Vegas as a premier destination for casino tourists as well as local casino goers. There are also legitimate POGOs that PAGCOR has regulatory authority over it as well. Making the environments in both online casinos and traditional brick-and-mortar casinos safe, secure and in sync with the values of  fair play.

Wrapping up our list of the latest and greatest Online Casinos

As you can see folks, there are a lot of commendable as well as highly secure online casino environments in the Philippines. We hope that you’ll stick with our guide to steer clear of the illicit ones that are popping up all over the place. May our gaming lifestyle not be affected by those questionable entities who don’t show any respect for the thrill, the art and the security needed for the games. 

Make sure to take advantage of the almost endless welcome bonuses, freebies, rewards and free spins that legitimate online casinos offer the beginner and the enthusiast. Always remember that when you’re deep into your game, you’re always in control of how this goes. Never bet on more than you can afford to lose, guys. Just pause, take a step back and stop for the day if needed. There will always be another day to practise and apply the lessons learned when a losing streak strikes.

Get your game going and carry on. Nothing matches a great win, much less a fantastic time enjoying the game you love. We’ll continue and give you interesting articles that can help you enjoy your games even more. After all, we share the same love for online casinos. Cheers!

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