The Cellar’s, Le Grand Casino du Vin

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Posted by DG, Date posted at February 6, 2023

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Let’s face it. What makes you feel like a winner despite having a losing streak in a casino game? Well, having the best services, the indulgent environment, and the unbelievably good food that you can have to cap the night off.

The twist to this luxurious treat is wine and dining complemented with the hint of gambling. Mind you, there are no losers in this scenario. Just a thrilling escape you’ll want to go back to. Here is the incomparable Le Grand Casino du Vin.

A quote from high roller and professional gambler, Nikolaos Dandolos (Nick the Greek) perfectly opens the article with his quote, “Remember this. The house doesn’t beat the player. It just gives him the opportunity to beat himself.” 

The Cellar’s, Le Grand Casino du Vin

We then move to introduce Le Grand Casino du Vin (The Grand Wine Casino) at The Cellar. This is  Grand Hyatt Manila’s all-fun, no-fuss dining experience that includes a four-course curated set menu with a glass of red and white wine, as well as a dozen poker chips, which act as currency for three gaming areas set up to test the knowledge of diners on fermented grapes.

Grand Hyatt Manila general manager Gottfried Bogensperger reveals, “People are starting to engage each other beyond social media. We thought, ‘what would be a fun moment with drinks that have not been explored before?’ This [Le Grand Casino du Vin at The Cellar] format has never been done.”  

This concept is only available exclusively in the five-star luxury hotel in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, and nowhere else. This is not even accessible or is not featured in the 61 other hotels of Hyatt wherein the participants will be interacting with each other over excellent drinks, and delectable food while enjoying the thrill of wholesome gambling. 

“We at the hospitality industry are here not just to serve you. We are here to create memories and experiences. It [Le Grand Casino du Vin at The Cellar] had to be done. We like to do business in terms of fun,” the executive says.

The Theme and Rules of the Game

The game themes and rules are simple. The first table is “The Type of Wine,” where a mystery wine is poured into a black, opaque wine glass, after which a player has to guess the kind of wine served by taste and smell. 

Bet as many chips as you want on whether the alcohol is a rosé, white, or red. The dealer would transfer the wine into a clear glass to reveal the answer and, if you get it right, you win the same amount as your bet.

‘We at the hospitality industry are here not just to serve you. We like to do business in terms of fun.’ emphasizes Bogensperger.

Next is “Aromas of Wine.” The host presents vials of different scents from floral to fruity from which participants are to match the aroma found in the wine given to them. Over 50 options are on the board, making this one of the harder games.

Aromas of Wine
Image source: Manila Bulletin

The third is “The Wine of Regions.” Your familiarity with the flavours and origins of wine is tested. Gamers will have to determine where the wine comes from by carefully observing, smelling, and tasting. 

The Wine of Regions
Image source: Manila Bulletin

Players will place their bets on where they think the intoxicant comes from, either from the old world France, Spain, and Italy to new world Australia, New Zealand, and the US, among others.

Stacking up on chips has its merits as an auction is held toward the end of the night where diners could take home prizes like a ticket to the next Le Grand Casino du Vin at The Cellar or an overnight stay at the hotel. Auctioned prizes, however, will vary and change per dinner.

“We tested it out internally first, as a farewell party. Certainly, it broke social barriers,” says Gottfried, adding that it was later tested on a private event and people would not want to go home that evening.

The launch at The Cellar has executive chef Mark Hagan prepare a four-course meal. The menu was composed of a Double-Baked Meredith Goat Cheese Soufflé as an appetizer, the Pumpkin and Ricotta Tortellini with crispy pork belly, a choice between white and red meat, the Pan-Seared Sea Bass or the Grilled Beef Tenderloin as the main, and a Frozen Lemon Parfait for dessert. The set menu for the Le Grand Casino du Vin will be determined in the future.

To experience this delightful gamble, do reserve a place. Prices go for ₱ 3,000 net per person. 

Le Grand Casino du Vin at The Cellar will be available every first and third Wednesday of the month from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., beginning Feb. 1. Reserve your slots at 8838-1234 or send an email to

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