GCash Jr. Promo 9/20 to 10/20 2022

Posted by DG, Date posted at October 6, 2022

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GCash has just gotten cuter with the ongoing promo for their newest baby, GCash Jr. GCash also added in a total of PHP150 worth of gifts for the new customers. Just read on and make sure to follow the mechanics on how to have this offer before the 20th of October rolls around.

First off, you’d need to be eligible for GCash Jr. This means that you’re below 18 years old or you received an SMS notification from Globe. Once registry and verification are successful, a PHP50 load voucher will be provided with a minimum spend of PHP60. The second step is when you cash in or receive money in your GCash Jr account, an additional PHP100 online voucher (with a minimum spend of PHP150) will be added to your account. 

When both tasks are completed by October 20 or earlier, you’ll receive a total of PHP150 reward within seven calendar days. You can simply check GCash Home -> Profile -> Voucher Pocket to see if you have the vouchers there. Note: Vouchers are not transferable and not exchangeable for cash

Simple tasks for the younger generation of GCash Jr. You do need to use the vouchers within 14 calendar days upon receipt. GCash will also be sorting out any disputes or questions at its discretion.

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GCash Jr. Promo FAQs:

Can anyone join the promo?

Those who receive the SMS as well as all GCash Jr. users below 18 yrs old who register from September 20 to October 20 can join in.

Where do I go to get verified?

Just go here to be fully verified as a minor: https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us/articles/900007727043-How-can-I-get-Fully-Verified-if-I-am-a-minor–

What rewards are there that make PHP150 total?

There’s the Php50 buy load voucher with a minimum spend of P60 once fully verified. On top of this, will be a Php100 online voucher with a minimum spend of P150 once a participant will cash-in or receives money.

What is the promo coverage?

The GCash Jr. offer will be from September 20, 2022 to October 20, 2022

If I completed the task of getting fully verified and cashed in, when will I receive the vouchers? 

Both the Php50 load voucher and a Php100 online voucher within 7 calendar days after successful verification

Will I be notified when I receive the vouchers?

Yes, an SMS notification will be sent upon receipt. You can also check the voucher and applicable terms in the GCash app: GCash Home -> Profile -> Voucher Pocket

How can I use the rewards? 

  • For the load voucher, just buy a minimum of PHP60 load and the voucher will automatically reduce the total amount by PHP50
  • For the online voucher, just go to any online merchant via GCash and make sure the minimum spend is PHP150. The PHP100 voucher will reduce the amount automatically, too.

Do the vouchers have an expiration date? 

Yes. You do need to use them within 14 calendar days after receipt.

Can I try again if I wasn’t verified the first time? 

Unfortunately, this is a no. Just make sure to submit all the needed details.

If I cash in or receive money but didn’t verify, will receive any reward?

No, you do need to be verified first before receiving any prize.

If I get verified but didn’t complete the task, will I receive a reward?

Yes. You’ll receive the reward assigned to the task you completed.

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