3D Lotto

PCSO lotto has made the game snack-sized. 3D lotto has been around for some time this has long been known as “Swertres”. The rebranding came in to align the games and have an easier recall as well as avoid any confusion on which game a better would like to play. 3D lotto draws also happen on a daily basis and three times a day at that. Not only does 3D lotto come in snack-sized but carries a big punch on the high odds of winning in the game.

The basic idea here is to choose a number from 0 to 9 for each column. Running a total of 3 numbers. There are also two ways to play. This is via the Straight or Standard play or the Rambolito way of doing things. You’ll find 3D lotto quite interesting as you read what we have on the details and latest info about the game.

3d lotto

3D Lotto Rules

Diving straight into how to play 3D lotto, you just need 3 numbers from 0 to 9 to win. There are also two ways how to play and this also influences how one wins and the odds at stake. 

First is the Straight or Standard play. Just pick one number on each column from 0 to 9. You can also opt to mark LP or Lucky Pick for the system to generate the numbers for you. The winning ticket for Straight/Standard play would need to match not just the numbers but the order in which this was drawn. This is why the prize for Straight/Standard play is higher.

Let’s now tackle the second way to play and that is the Rambolito. You just need to select this as your system play. Select a 3-digit number combination and the machine will automatically generate all possible combinations. This also means that if the selected 3-digit combination is all different, the permutation will have 6 entries ready. But, if one number repeats like 977, the number of combinations generated will only be three. For Rambolito entries, there’s no need to consider the order in which the numbers were drawn.

3D Lotto Prize

The 3D lotto prize is bigger for the Standard/Straight play. This is PHP 4,500.00 for each winning play. Again, to win you’d need to match the numbers and the order they were drawn. For 3D lotto Rambolito play, the prize is PHP 1,500 for a 3-combination entry and PHP750.00 for a 6-combination play ticket. Note that every winning PHP10.00 play wins the assigned prize.

3D Lotto Schedule

When’s the best time to play a snack-sized 3D lotto? As often as snacking is possible which PCSO has scheduled daily, three times a day. This is at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM. A flexible enough schedule to get in your bets as often as you wish.

3D Lotto Result Summary 2022

3D lotto results are posted daily, three times a day. This is every 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM. A sampler of the latest results shows the following combinations: 2 PM: 7-8-8; 5 PM: 1-5-9; 9 PM: 9-1-8. You can definitely look into the info available at PCSO’s 3D lotto result summary on their website. You can also check our CasinoHub.VIP page for daily news and updates on all lotto games.

PCSO Lotto 3D FAQs:

How can I claim prizes 3D Philippine lotto? 

Just make sure that your play ticket is accurate, untampered, undamaged, and has your signature on the back. It’s also best to have ready valid IDs, too. Just head over to the nearest PCSO authorized retailer, PCSO branch office, or the PCSO Head office and present this to the teller. Once validated, they’ll readily hand over your prize.

Where can I claim prizes 3D Philippine lotto? 

For 3D lotto prizes not larger than PHP10,000.00 you can go to any PCSO authorized retailer or vendor. 3D lotto prizes bigger than PHP10,000.00 up to PHP500,000.00 you’d need to proceed to the nearest PCSO branch office. For jackpots and prizes bigger than PHP 500,000 head to the PCSO Head Office in Mandaluyong City straight away. Do bring valid IDS and always have your signature at the back of the ticket for extra safekeeping.

What is the legal age to play and claim 3D lotto prize? 

One really needs to be 18 years of age or older to play and claim winnings in 3D lotto.

Can I buy 3D lotto tickets online? 

So far, PCSO has been planning to have the PCSO lotto games online. But, currently, you can only buy tickets through PCSO’s roster of authorized retailers and vendors. Hopefully, 3D lotto will be available online soon enough.

What was the highest 3D lotto prize to be won in history? 

Interesting factoid to know. So far, resources haven’t taken note of this detail. But to base it on the high odds of winning, the more entries you have the more prizes you’ll be able to get.

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