4D Lotto

PCSO Lotto offers a different twist to the lotto game via the 4D lotto. The lotto 4D bettor can freely choose how they would like their numbers to be via Standard play or Lucky Pick. There is also the PERM or “permutations” on the numbers to play. 4D lotto also refers to PERM as “rambol” where the machine can generate all possible arrangements or “permutations” of the number the bettor chose.

Lotto 4D is, as seen on its name, is a 4-Digit game. This is a complete set ranging from 0000 to 9999. PCSO lotto has the minimum bet at PHP10.00 per 4-number combination. It’s important to also note that 4D lotto is pari-mutuel for the lotto 4D first prize. This means that the allocated prize money is divided equally among the winners. We’ll have all details on 4D lotto for you here on our page before giving it a go.

4D Lotto Rules

On the very top of the rules is you need to be 18 years or older to be able to play and claim winnings. Make sure to sign at the back of your play ticket to secure your possible prize later on. You’d need to keep your play ticket safe, dry and untampered. 

There are several options on how to play 4D lotto. The first is Standard play. Just mark one number from 0 to 9 on each of the columns on the play slip or opt to use Lucky Pick. 

The second way to play is via PERM or “rambol”. This is a straight play of all possible arrangements of the number. For example, you chose 4 different digits, the number of combinations would be 24. The lotto 4D total bet cost becomes PHP240.00. Two different digits and 1 pair of the same digit creates 12 combinations totaling the 4D lotto bet to PHP120.00. 

The third route is ROLL 1 or fourth way, ROLL 4. In ROLL 1, the first digit chosen is from 0 to 9 and the system will generate the last 3 digits. This results in 10 sets of numbers. For ROLL 4, the reverse happens. The system will generate the last digit from 0 to 9 to complement the first 3 digits given. This also results in 10 combinations. Total 4D lotto bet cost would be PHP100.00.

Players need to match all four of the winning numbers drawn in the exact order in the official 4D lotto draw for first prize. There are also consolation prizes for entries that are able to get the last 3 of 4 numbers (2nd prize) and last 2 of 4 numbers (3rd prize).

4D Lotto Prize

Prizes at stake for 4D lotto has the minimum guaranteed amount of PHP10,000.00 for First Prize. This is when 4 of 4 numbers are matched as well as the order that they were drawn. Following this is the second prize at PHP800.00 where the last 3 of 4 numbers match. Finally, the third prize is at PHP100.00 where the last 2 of 4 numbers match the winning combination.

4D Lotto Schedule

Lotto 4D draws are conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM. The draw is broadcasted live at PTV4 and livestreamed over pcso.gov.ph, PCSO’s official Facebook page, and YouTube channel. It’s best to get your bets in one to two hours at the latest before the 4D draw.

4D Lotto Result Summary 2022

The most recent lotto 4D draw was on September 28, 2022. The winning numbers are 5-8-3-6. PCSO has ready and accessible updates on the history of lotto 4D on their official website. We also have the draw results on our page at CasinoHub.VIP. 

PCSO Lotto 4D FAQs

How can I claim prizes 4D Philippine lotto? 

Just present your play ticket, undamaged and untampered with your signature at the back. Once the teller is able to validate this, they’ll hand over your prize.

Where can I claim prizes 4D Philippine lotto?  

For prizes from PHP20.00 up to PHP10,000, you can go to any authorized Lotto vendor or retailer. PHP10,001 to PHP500,00.00 prizes can be claimed at any PCSO Branch office. For PHP500,001.00 and above, you’d need to go to the PCSO Main Office in Mandaluyong City. 

What is the legal age to play and claim 4D lotto prize? 

You need to be at 18 years of age and older to be able to play and claim winnings.

Can I buy 4D lotto tickets online? 

PCSO lotto tickets are not available online but PCSO has initial plans to have this possible in the future. Currently, you can check results online. 

What was the highest 4D lotto prize to be won in history? 

So far, there is no sure data on this detail. But every winning ticket does hold PHP10,000 for the bettor. The more entries created, the odds to win the prizes also increase.

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