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Deep Dive: Wagering on Online Sports Betting

Posted by DG, Date posted at February 16, 2023

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There is an astounding array of online sports betting available. It can be a daunting task to gather information on some to get a comparison of sorts on how they fare. 

No worries! We have gathered the top online sports betting sites available in the Philippines and compared not just the welcome bonuses available but a host of other interesting details that can spell the difference on which will fit your preferences best.

Make sure to take notes so that you’ll have a grand time later on checking out the winners on your list. Enjoy!

Comparing the Best Sports Betting Apps

The sites we recommended are all possible to access if you’re on the go. You can check out our chart here for an easy guide on how different features can match what you’re looking for.

Lucky Block15% cashback in the first week
BK8100% matched deposit up to $100
AW8150% matched deposit up to MYR 800
BC Game1,260% up to 220,000 BCD
20 Bet100% up to PHP 7,000
Melbet100% up to PHP 7,500
Fortune Jack100% up to 6 BTC
CloudBet100% up to 5 BTC
ESpin100% up to 1 BTC
mBit200% up to 50 mBTC
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How We Rank the Best Sports Betting Apps

We compared notes to be able to narrow down the list for you folks. Here are the different areas we looked into before a site or mobile app is considered worthy of being part of the recommended sites.

Betting App Experience. Great user experience is a top priority. Tested and tried to make sure they perform as expected with fast-loading platforms and a highly pleasant and intuitive interface. 

Downloadable Betting Apps. Ease and availability in downloadable capabilities score big for us. This goes to say that even though there isn’t a mobile app available on some choices, their site is superiorly smooth for mobile devices. 

Mobile Betting Bonuses. Of course, nothing draws fun more than having great bonuses available for both newbies and expert players. We have the tendency to recommend those sites whose bonuses are substantial and easy to claim. 

Live Mobile Betting & Streaming. We realize that live betting will be a great experience for all players looking for a good sports betting site or app. This is why we included this in our list of criteria.  

Banking Options. Those sites and apps which offer ease in managing finances are included in our book. There should be a range of choices when it comes to payment methods as well as an efficient timeframe to make transactions. 

Customer Service. The hallmark of a great site/app is reflected in its excellent customer service team. It’s a fail-safe that they consider players important and they prioritize a great gaming experience for everyone.  

Licensing & Security. Safe. Secure. Full stop. The top 10 included in our list show this is an integral part of their business. They are duly licensed and recognized as a reputable operator. Some have been around for a long time, too and are considered among the pioneers. 

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Popular Markets at the Best Sports Betting Apps

Getting into online sports betting can reveal that there are several other outcomes and factors to wager on — not just simply a winner in every game. Here’s a guide on the options you have in great detail:  

Moneyline: This wager covers the odds of an event’s final result. +150 odds translate to wagering $100 to potentially win $150. The same goes for negative odds with -150 odds paying out $100 on a $150 bet.

Spreads: This involves any bet in which your payout is based on the accuracy of the bet and not simply a “win or lose” outcome. It’s very similar to pari-mutuel betting.

Totals: If you do a lot of research, wagering in totals is the way to go. The goal is to predict whether the actual number of points scored will be higher or lower than that number.

Props: This is a wager based on anything other than the outcome of the game. It revolves around the performance of teams or what might happen in the game as a whole. For example, you can wager on which side will win the coin toss.

Futures: These are bets on any tournament, series or season that will complete in the future. For example, tournament winner bets. If you have a depth of knowledge of the sport and the teams, this is a great way to profit from it. 

Parlays: These are wagers involving multiple different bets that are tied together into one bet. You need at least two bets to make a parlay and if one of them loses, the whole bet falls through. However, if all of your bets in the parlay win, you get a bigger payout.

Live Betting: Live betting allows you to make wagers while on a match that’s currently in progress, giving you the benefit of having some valuable context helping to inform your predictions.

Bets Available at the Best Philippines Betting Sites

The betting sites we’ve featured: Lucky Block, BK8, AW8, BC.Game, 20Bet, Melbet, Fortune Jack, Cloudbet, BSpin and mBit all have the following types of bets or wagers available for the Philippine market: 

  • Moneyline
  • Spreads / Totals
  • Alternative Spreads / Totals
  • Props
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Same Game Parlays
  • Live Betting

Comparing Sign-Up Bonuses at the Best Philippines Betting Apps

Coming from how rewards can vary, let’s tackle how sign-up bonuses are with the recommended online sports betting operators we have here. There are attractive promos all around.

Do note that some have rollover conditions before you can withdraw any winnings. Check them out here:  

Lucky Block15% cashback for the first 7 daysNANONE$207 days
BK8100% matched deposit up to US $100Sports 100% Welcome bonus12x$5030 days
AW850% matched deposit up to US $800Sports 50% Welcome bonus12x$3030 days
BC GameLucky spin 100% up to 1BTCNA10x0.0001BTC30 days
20 Bet100% match bonus up to $100NA15x$2030 days
Melbet100% match bonus up to $100NA5x$114 days
Fortune Jack 110% up to 1.5 BTCNA20x0.0001BTC30 days
CloudBet 100% up to 1.5 BTCNA20x$2030 days
Bspin.io100% up to 1 BTCNA35x$5030 days
mBit75% up to 1 BTCNA40x0.0023BTC7 days

Payment Methods available at Philippines Sports Betting Apps

Understandably, one has to be careful when choosing which payment method to use when wagering on online sports betting sites and apps. Here are a number of options with info on them, too.  

Crypto Betting Options

Currently, there is a wide choice of cryptocurrencies you can choose from like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the like. This is unique in that it’s not governed by any authority. Since it is decentralized, transactions are instantly done. There’s no need to disclose personal information and one is completely anonymous in the process. You do need to set up a virtual wallet and purchase the currency of your choice through a crypto exchange site. 

eWallet Betting Options

This is a quick and easy option to move funds. Requirements are also minimal with most needing PayPal and a legitimate email address to start things rolling. There are low withdrawal limits though and this can be somewhat discouraging. This is also encrypted and a safe option. 

Traditional Payment Methods

The highest level of security is the traditional payment method. They do have fees to process your transactions and can require more time for this to get completed. There are some banking institutions that offer faster processing times. It’s worth the wait if it completely protects your data and your financial info.  

Deposit Options are Available at the Best Betting Apps in the Philippines

Being able to process deposits easily and also have options on payment methods is a great advantage for any online sports betting operator.

Here’s our guide on the options that each of our recommended sites has:  

Lucky Block
BC Game
20 Bet
Fortune Jack

Withdrawal Options are Available at the Best Betting Apps in the Philippines

Winning and being able to withdraw this in a timely manner is a definite must-have for online sports betting.

Here’s a guide on which offers the best option for your specific preferences:  

Lucky Block
BC Game
20 Bet
Fortune Jack

We hope that you were able to get the info you were looking for in our article. Would you like us to feature other games in this manner? What are the other topics you’d like to see on our pages? Just let us know in the comment section below. We’ll have them ready for you right away! Cheers!

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