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Posted by DG, Date posted at January 22, 2023

Online slots are always evolving and game developers as well as casino enthusiasts are always checking out the greatest and the latest of the lot. One of the most popular themes around is the magical world of Aladdin. Colourful and nostalgic all at once, the details of genies circling about, granting wishes and popping up from his magic lamp have been dazzling us for generations.

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We’ve rounded up the best games that have the magical theme of the genie and creative variations that bring out a great thrill when playing online slots. We added an easy reference guide on pay lines, reel grid, the game developer and the online casino. We covered all spots for you, folks! It’s a boisterous way to start things off.

Check out these games and have a grand time at online slots! 

Aladdin’s Wishes

  • Where to Play: Uptown Aces Casino
  • Reel Grid: 5×3
  • Pay Lines: 20
  • Developer: RealTime Gaming 

Well-executed and one of the games with minimal sound effects, Aladdin’s Wishes brings about more than the excellent Hanna-Barbera-inspired rendition from the team of RealTime Gaming. The developers were mindful of not using the kapok symbols — the ten through ace. Instead, they maximized the regular symbols that include the princess, the genie, a monkey, an Arabian palace, a flying carpet, a scimitar, a crown, a bag of gold, a vase, and a bowl of fruit.  

RTG created Aladdin as a wild symbol — which also serves to double the win. Alongside this, they have his magic lamp as a contrast serving as a scatter that brings on additional varying amounts (depending on your wager) to any winning combination. 

Aladdin wishes slot casino game

You’d wonder where the genie fits into the picture — they don’t play a significant role in this game but focus more on the interplay between Aladdin and his magic lamp. The best angle to this is the progressive jackpot that can trigger randomly during any regular play at Uptown Aces Casino. 

Genie’s Fortune 

  • Where to Play: MyBookie
  • Reel Grid: 5×3
  • Pay Lines: 1-30
  • Developer: BetSoft

You can expect that there’s a special twist to the game whenever BetSoft presents a game. They have added their characteristic touch to the genie-themed slot machine game that won’t disappoint.  

You’d immediately notice that the special symbols are the flying carpet (wild) and a monkey icon which is the main twist to the game. There are a host of regular symbols featuring a dancing Arabian girl, a camel, gold bars, crossed scimitars, a crystal orb, a red gem, a bowl of fruit, and a clay pot.  

Once you are able to get the monkey icon on the centre line on reel 3, this triggers a “click me crazy” mini-game. In this angle, the player must click symbols to the top, bottom, left, and right of the monkey. After doing so, the monkey releases “click me” symbols that must be clicked until all hidden bonuses have been collected.  

Genie's Fortune slot online casino game

There’s also a delightful treasure chest where three or more can trigger up to 20 free spins. Another surprise is a special magic lamp icon where if you get three on a single regular spin, it triggers the bonus round. Clicking on the lamp will then release the genie who will offer you three of six wishes —  Wealth, Fame, Everlasting Love, Travel, Wisdom, or Long Life. Ain’t it grand? It’s one of the rare genie games that feature wishes in the gameplay.  

Bottled Wishes

  • Where to Play: Super Slots
  • Reel Grid: 5×3
  • Pay Lines: 20
  • Developer: Nucleus Gaming

The artwork and the soundtrack to Bottled Wishes showcase how the game developer, Nucleus Gaming, is going to be one of the big players in online gaming.  Bottled Wishes is a sure winner for genie-themed slots.  

You’ll find visually appealing regular symbols are Aladdin, a princess, a sack of gold, a red gemstone, a turban-domed palace, crossed scimitars, a bowl of fruit, and the ubiquitous jack-through ace.

bottled wishes online slot casino game

As for the special icons, they have the magic lamp (wild), expanding genie wilds, and flying carpet scatter — 3 to 15 of which add up to USD100 to your win. The flying carpets can also trigger up to 15 free spins.  Lots to look forward to and keep playing on with Bottled Wishes.

Genie’s Riches

  • Where to Play: BetOnline
  • Reel Grid: 5×3
  • Pay Lines: 50
  • Developer: Dragon Gaming

This is the game, where we can wager, you can bet real money and not get disappointed. Genie’s Riches comes in at the standard 5×3 slot but the flashy style is on a higher level when compared to its competition.  

The artwork is epic and draws inspiration from the Disney Aladdin franchise. The background music is also not jarring and very appealing– reminiscent of watching late-night movies. The regular symbols features are a genie, Aladdin, a princess, a tiger, and the nine-through ace.


Special symbols are not only visually appealing but also triggered rewards and bonuses. They include a magic lamp, which serves as a scatter and a harbinger of a bonus game. Dragon Gaming also included a wild icon — a purple magic carpet with the word “WILD” below it. 

Three magic lamps can trigger the free spin bonus — clicking on each lamp will reveal a number and the sum of all three will be the total number of free spins. But wait, there’s more — there’s another special icon: the “TAP” symbol. When it appears on the play screen — just click on this and there will be random prizes given out. This range from an instant win, a prize symbol, a multiplier (applied to whatever prize came with the prize symbol), or free spins.

5 Wishes

  • Where to Play: El Royale Casino
  • Reel Grid: 5×3
  • Pay Lines: 25
  • Developer: RealTime Gaming

Here’s another game brought to you by RealTime Gaming. This one is a simple 5×3 but it packs quite a punch. 5 Wishes has a hauntingly familiar Middle Eastern soundtrack, the graphics are exceptionally good and the rendition is original.  

The big reveal is that regular symbols count as main characters in the story, namely a young man — Aladdin — a princess, a monkey, a sultan-domed palace, and the nine-through ace.

5 wishes online slot casino game

The special icons and features offer an interesting twist to the game. The Genie is a wild that substitutes for any regular symbol. If the genie appears in a winning combination, that win is doubled. Add on to that, if the genie appears on reel 1, he may change any Aladdin, princess, or monkey symbols to himself, potentially creating an entire screen full of wilds.

The magic lamp also takes on an active scatter that adds to your total win and can also, in multiples of 3 or more, generate up to 100 free spins. Moreover, the genie wild is active during free spin sessions. And to top, of all these awesome features is a progressive jackpot that can be randomly awarded at the end of any regular spin.  

There you go! It’s a great way to start the year with a knack for getting in those wishes down pat. What can be more fun and inspiring that a determined lad like Aladdin or an amusing Genie firing up the magic lamps? Give us a shout in the comment box below if you have any insight, ideas or suggestions for us. We’ll gladly get this featured in upcoming articles for you, thanks!

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