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Tested Biohacks to Boost your Poker Game

Posted by DG, Date posted at February 15, 2023

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For the Poker enthusiast, one can wonder how the professionals are able to sit through 12 to 14-hour tournaments and still maintain their composure, strategy and critical decision-making to win the grand prize. 

Having that capacity is almost ethereal with the pressure to gain the upper hand on the players which is also at par with one’s level of poker playing. Maintaining a solid hold of one’s focus for a long period of time can seem far from one’s reach. 

We’ve gathered the best biohacks that can have your poker game go in step with how the professionals do this. Being an avid poker player can bring on some unexpectedly great results with these tried and true ways to boost your game.

Let’s Bring your Poker Game to a Higher Level

It’s elementary to always get your game strategy sharper by working on your skills, getting some research going and playing as often as you can. But to get to that  Meta-mindset of focus for a prolonged period of time will need some additional biohacks to enhance it. 

Here are the ways to enable yourself physically, mentally and emotionally into that steady state of concentration. If you’d like more in-depth details on these biohacks, it’s best to read up on your favourite professional poker players’ regimens, too.  

10. Exercise

Intense concentration consumes more energy than most activities. This is why getting in on a regular exercise routine will enable not just resistance and strength physically but also shake off any unnecessary albeit unnoticed stress level on your physique. Exercise brings balance and this will have you play better, too. Simple routines like walking, jogging, and playing a sport can get things going well. 

9. Sleep

Getting the best REM sleep will help the healing and cognition function supremely. This will prepare you if there’s a poker game coming up. Professionals get their share of substantial sleep before tournaments. You can try blackout curtains to maintain an ideal environment for sleep. You can also try to get into bed before midnight as well as avoid eating four hours before bedtime. 

8. Music

Your favourite genre in music will enable you to get in the right mood and mindset. But most professionals, opt for trance music or instrumental music that is not distracting. It sets a backdrop where they can focus on the foreground of their thoughts. Just in case you prefer online poker games, try investing in a good speaker system and leaving your music on while playing.

7. Fasting

Remove any form of fog that can hinder your focus and concentration. An additional cleanse like fasting will enhance this for you. Fasting is also a popular method for professional poker players as a way to bring clarity and focus. This also supports brain function, hyper-focus and boosted metabolism. Make sure that this is right for you as well before diving in. 

6. Do something hard

Expanding brain activity will be very beneficial to sharpen it as well. Try completing your hardest task before you eat. If you consider poker study as one challenging task, get it done before taking any meal. Attempt not to eat sugar or high quantities of caffeine before playing as these will trigger spikes in brain activity that will affect your game. 

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5. Nature

Go have a nature trip once in a while. Avoid getting cooped up indoors for long periods of time. Just getting out and enjoying nature in all its glory is a great biohack in itself. This activity will force you to let go of distractions, expand your mindset, dig into a different perspective and swim in the fresh air.

4. Supplements

Professionals do take supplements to enhance their focus and concentration.  The more popular ones are great neurotrophic supplements on the market like Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Ashwagandha. You can take some extra time to see how not just poker professionals swear by this but also athletes and CEOs for good reason. 

3. Meditation

This is one of the steps you can take that will bring out the greatest impact. Meditation will not just bring balance to your being but align them, too. Bringing mindfulness into full awareness is the edge you most need in poker. You won’t miss out on small signs and details that can spell which move to take. Taking time to focus will bring unexpectedly good benefits. 

2. Coffee

It’s not just a caffeine boost that you’re after but choosing the right kind of caffeine is critical. Go for all-natural places as possible like green tea or yerba mate — a plant species native to South America — will actually help prevent energy swings, unlike the usual coffee we take. This will enable you to have the energy surge needed but without the crash towards the end. Best to keep a steady supply with you at home and if you’re wanting to go to a land-based casino for a round of poker. nd, so just keep it in mind.

1. Cold plunge

This is very popular with professional poker players. Taking a deep cold shower or bath will trigger increased energy levels, improved resilience and better recovery. You can give this a go when you’re going through some rough times. You will truly notice an immediate difference. 

Wrapping things up

Poker enthusiasts will definitely know the ins and outs and strategy details of the game. You can work on your skills, study and play. But to be a competent player, to have that Meta-mindset difference is of great value for your game, too. 

We hope that you’ll try things out and see how these will get you at a higher level in your favourite game If you’d like us to feature more articles like this or similar topics, just comment below and we’ll get working on them to have it on our pages for you. Take care, be safe and cheers! 

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