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Tongits Go takes the Philippines by Storm

Posted by DG, Date posted at January 26, 2023

Is it really possible to spot a Filipino who hasn’t played the rowdy game of Tongits? This is among the most popular in the league of contemporary card games in the Philippines. 

Although its origins remain mysterious it can still be traced back to first being played by the Ilocanos. By the mid-1980s it burst into the scene in Pangasinan and became known as the game, “tung-it”. It has similar characteristics to the ancient game of mahjong and gin rummy. 

This game can only accommodate 4 players at a time and uses a standard deck of 52 cards. There are 12 cards dealt to each player with the dealer getting 13. The rest of the cards then go into the central stack.

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It’s a simple objective. One has to just use up all the cards in the hand in set combinations — built either by using the other players’ discarded cards or those drawn from the central stack.  

Tongits: A mainstay in any Pinoy gathering

The game of Tongits becomes more exciting as the game goes toward the end. This makes the game a much sought-after way to bond together and have fun, especially in Filipino gatherings. This can be from birthdays to Friday night plays and wakes to weddings and fiestas. 

The strong popularity of the game encouraged game developers to have this available as well as an online game. This came about especially when COVID-19 brought everyone staying in their homes due to lockdowns and restrictions. 

Tongits Go (TG) was born out of these challenging circumstances. This saw TG reach its highest number of registrations and downloads as cited by game developer Playjoy. Currently, PlayJoy has more than 20 million players in the Philippines. The strategy of the company to focus more on games like chess and casual card games distinctly favoured by the Filipino market worked wonders. Playjoy also made these games available to be enjoyed as a solo player or with friends and family.

Tongits Go Highlights

What makes Tongits Go very interesting are the seven different game modes that Playjoy has incorporated into their creation. Players can compete as a Newbie, Amateur, Intermediate, Superior, Expert, Master or Legend. Likewise, there are tournaments, SNG and other competition modes on hand.  

Playjoy also included other interesting games within Tongits Go. They feature Pusoy Go, Lucky 9 Go, Poker Land and Bingo Land, along with five kinds of chess and casual card games.

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Tongits Go never loses a beat can is expectedly as great to play as the classic traditional game using actual cards. Being an online game, it opened up more opportunities to compete with others, get amazing rewards and just keep playing better as you spend more time on the online game. The Jackpot prize pool accumulation is added to the gameplay and those who are able to have consecutive wins get higher rewards. 

Playjoy also made battle mode possible in the tournament gameplay for players who thrive on challenges. This means players from different countries can team up and play as a group. Currently, the countries that are in the tournament roster are  Southeast Asia, South America, North America and other regions. Complete strangers can also choose to team up or follow others’ games. The game really became a crowd drawer much as it did so in the traditional manner. 

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Tongits Go: Continuously evolving

Tongits Go always keeps itself updated on the trends and tastes of its players. It is constantly updated, improved and optimized to ensure a great gaming experience. There are also new product features regularly added along with different gameplays to further raise the level of fun and thrilling experience.

TG understandably became one of the go-to games that players found as a good way to relax and reduce stress levels. It also enabled friends and family to connect despite being quite a distance from each other. One player expressed this perfectly, “Tongits Go breaks the long distance between us, and allows us to enjoy the happiness of being together in a different place.” 

Without a doubt, Playjoy was able to achieve its objective for Tongits Go to “build a green and healthy gaming community platform.” TG is Playjoy’s most popular game among its roster and the latest ranking of TG in Google Play and Apple store is rising faster than expected. 

Playjoy assures its TG-loving market that it will remain committed to getting the game getting better and better as time passes. They have raised the bar when it comes to providing quality gameplay and opening up new game markets. 

Get a taste of TG by simply typing “Tongits Go” on your Google search bar and clicking on the download of Tongits Go on the Google Playstore and Apple Store anytime. 

It’s absolutely great to see that the fun game of Tongits has also gained significant ground in the online gaming market. It really does represent how we value having fun with friends and family and seek this to ease the stress of everyday living. Do you also feel the same way when it comes to much-loved casual card games? Let us know if you have another game the whole family enjoys. We’ll feature it here on our pages. Cheers!  

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