Solon proposes Barangay Magna Carta

Posted by DG, Date posted at January 16, 2023

Dedicated and absolutely headstrong in pursuing a Magna Carta for the Barangay, Isabela 6th District Representative Faustino “Inno” Dy V on Wednesday, the 11th of January 2023, has revealed that this will soon materialize. The Magna Carta addresses strengthening and improving the compensation and benefits received by barangay workers. This is currently at the level of a final reading by the House of Representatives. 

House of Representative building

Dy enthusiastically expressed, “I hope that when Congress resumes, we can also pass the Magna Carta for Barangays. Pahabol sana nating Christmas gift sa mga walang pagod na nagtatrabaho para maitaguyod ang ating mga pamayanan (It would just like be a delayed Christmas gift to those who are working tirelessly to uplift the community).” 

Details of House Bill No. 1204

Dy authored House Bill No. 1204 wherein it aims to make barangay officials regular government employees. Doing so will entitle them to fixed salaries, insurance, and retirement benefits, among others.

“Our barangay officials are first responders to any concern that the community faces. They do not have regular hours because their duties are closely linked with the life of the community. Yet, for such a crucial job, they only get paid a pittance. They do not even have insurance should harm come to them in the performance of their jobs,” he digressed.

He further added that “It is high time to correct such injustice, and this proposed measure would be a good way to express gratitude for the selfless service of barangay officials.”

The proposed measure further empowers barangays by ensuring the availability in every barangay of basic services and facilities such as drinking water, transportation, and schools.

Included in the proposed Barangay Magna Carta are the construction and maintenance of at least one deep well with a pumping device for drawing drinking water for every 1,000 residents in each barangay. Along with this, every municipality or city would also be tasked with coordinating with government agencies to require public utility companies to provide public transportation.

The proposed House Bill also mentions that each barangay will be entitled to have at least one elementary school, and a high school every five kilometres from the barangay centre; as well as a health centre and a barangay hall.

It also addresses that the just share of barangays from national taxes would also be automatically released to them every end of the calendar year. Complementing this is a proposal that all public funds from the National Treasury for the maintenance of barangay roads and bridges and similar construction works should also be transferred directly to the barangays’ general fund.

Further empowering the barangay sector would be having an equitable share of proceeds derived from the exploitation, utilization, and development of natural resources within its territory. And, to make sure all details are covered, Dy also included the prioritization of barangay residents in the hiring of workers and labourers for any government construction or development within their respective barangays.

Isabela 6th District Representative Faustino “Inno” Dy V
Isabela 6th District Representative Faustino “Inno” Dy V

“As the core unit of government, we should have every motivation to improve our barangays. Nakadikit ang kalidad ng buhay ng mga kababayan natin sa kalidad ng serbisyo ng barangay, kaya’t dapat masigasig tayo sa pagpapabuti ng bawat barangay sa buong bansa (The quality of life of our countrymen hinges on the quality of service in the barangay, that’s why we have to be vigorous in uplifting every barangay in the country),” Dy said.

We hope that bringing attention to the proposed Barangay Magna Carta made your day, dear readers! Hopefully, this will be approved and implemented as planned. Imagine, when every barangay is empowered on all sides, this can create a great environment at the grassroots level for everyone. Do you also agree on this matter? Please comment down below. We welcome your insights, feedback, suggestions and reaction.

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