NCR: Lowest COVID-19 Positivity Rate Since the 4th of July 

Posted by DG, Date posted at November 8, 2022

Despite the continuous and spectacular evolution of various COVID-19 variants, the continuous vigilance of Metro Manila residents is finally seeing a good wave of better news. The latest results and tally for the National Capital Region declined from 10.7% positivity rate to 8.9% — this is the lowest 7-day ratio in the region since July 4. This was announced officially by OCTA research fellow, Guido David.

Colorized scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic cell
Colorized scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic cell NIH/Handout via REUTERS.

Choosing to post on Twitter on Friday (Nov. 4th), David also mentions that if this downward trend continues, it would also indicate that there are going to be less than 100 new cases per day in Metro Manila before the end of November.

David also made it clear that the figure at 10.7% was from October 19 to 25 while the 8.9% covers October 27 to November 2. 

The region’s 10.7% positivity rate was from October 19-25 while the 8.9% was from October 27-November 2. The positivity rate refers to the%age at which people tested for COVID-19 are confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

He further wrote on Twitter, “The 7-day positivity rate in the NCR decreased to just 8.9% as of November 2. This is the lowest 7-day positivity rate in the region since July 4, 2022,” he also said that the “peak positivity rate in this current wave was at 19.1% on October 4” and that “reproduction number as of October 31 was 0.65, with a one-week growth rate of -35%.”

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David digressed that the seven-day average of new coronavirus cases in Metro Manila declines from 411 to 262 in the same period, for an average daily attack rate or ADAR of 1.87 per 100,000 population.

The OCTA research fellow also relayed that as for the region’s COVID healthcare utilisation it remained low at 27.8%. Similarly, David added, occupancy of intensive care units by coronavirus patients in Metro Manila was low at 21.6% in the last seven days.

The pandemic monitor earlier said that COVID-19 positivity rate for the entire country was at 10.9 as of November 3.

The positive results that we’re seeing today folks is a great team effort on all parties running from the front liners to the government health workers, the barangay officials to the higher government officials but especially to each one of us who has had vaccines. Were you able to recall how the virus was when it first broke in the early months of 2020?

When there were no vaccines available, getting the virus would almost automatically mean death or a very difficult recovery just from treating the symptoms. When the vaccine finally surfaced and, thankfully, we have all tried to get complete dosage as well as boosters — this has created a level of protection and some fight against the virus.

Let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back. We have also seen how we are all involved in observing the basic health protocols. Our good efforts are bearing fruit and crossing our fingers, we’ll finally be able to exist without fear or dread of the coronavirus. It’s still too early to really relax about things. What about you guys? Will see a continuous downward trend in covid 19 positivity rates? Any insight on when can we say we’re ready to fully unmask? Comment below and we’ll eagerly await your feedback. Thanks!

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