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Let’s take a look at Rotowire walk-throughs with the best player values for Yahoo.

From a quiet Thursday, the NBA returns with an eight-game Friday layout. The most promising matchups to date feature the Celtics hosting the Nuggets. Meanwhile, out West, the Warriors will have the Cavs who have dropped their last two.

Fred VanVleet. Image source:

To highlight, the notable injuries on this slate will be Jrue Holiday (ankle), LeBron James (thigh) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (ankle) — out of the game in the meantime. The following info will be best points to ponder on Yahoo whether to avoid or to use as leverage. 


Pascal Siakam (groin), currently among the leading scorers of The Raptors is out with an injury. The Raptors will be counting more on VanVleet while Siakam is recovering. VanVleet is at a good spot with 29.7 points, 3.7 rebounds and 6.3 assists as well as 2.0 steals for the three games that Siakam was still recovering from the injury. He should be able to continue this performance and great stats as The Raptors go against a Thunder team that is currently the eighth-fastest pace in the league. Fred VanVleet, TOR at OKC ($35)

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Giannis and Holiday will be the second straight match-up that the players have missed out on at the second-straight time. Wednesday saw the players out of the game with Carter logged in a long spread of 45 minutes in the Bucks’ Overtime win over the Thunder. There are 36 points and 12 assists under Carter’s belt which will lead to 56.8 Yahoo points. Jevon Carter, MIL at SA ($14)

Guard to Avoid

It is a continuing struggle for Klay Thompson with only 6-18 shot from the field from his last game. On the season, he has only been hitting 36% from the field, including a 32.6% from behind the arc. His team, the Cavs currently entering the league as the third-best defensive rating which doesn’t spell a more encouraging environment for Thompson to overcome the current stats that he has. Klay Thompson, GS vs. CLE ($20)


Siakam’s absence from the VanVleet troupe saw another player who benefited from this on top of VanVleet. OG Anunoby has been improving his performance for the past three games. He was able to execute  20.7 points, 6.7 rebounds and 3.0 steals. He clocked in 39 minutes during that stretch and should keep playing a lot moving forward. His shooting average has also improved now at the commendable 47.2% from the field. He does need to bring up steals which is currently at a 3.1 average for the season. OG Anunoby, TOR at OKC ($30)

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MarJon Beauchamp has proven to get a better performance as well for the Bucks on Wednesday with 32.6 Yahoo points. This was executed while moving into the starting five and receiving 30 minutes. Despite having an average of only 14 minutes on the campaign, he’s building up the ante on 3.4 3-point attempts. With the current stats, Beauchamp may see more playing time in the following games again. He could be the tipping point against the Spurs team where he was able to get the opportunity to get the third-highest 3-point shooting percentage. MarJon Beauchamp, MIL at SA ($10)

Forward to Avoid

Sometimes there are days when one’s game isn’t really in sync. The stats of Luguentz Dort has been grappling with efficiencies and has not seen any letup for the past games. The shooting was averaging only 35.7% from the field while shooting from behind the arc it averages only 20.6%. He also shows some hesitance with the lack of rebounds and assists. This has brought his Yahoo points to 23.0. Luguentz Dort, OKC vs. TOR ($19)


It has been quite some time since Brook Lopez has seen action and shown a great recovery. It is a resurgent season for Lopen with at least 20 points in four of his last seven matchups propelling him to average 15.5 points for the season – his highest since 2016-17. Currently, he scored 58.1 Yahoo points against the Thunder on Wednesday and is another player who should benefit from a weakened depth chart with the Bucks. Brook Lopez, MIL at SA ($24)

Kevon Looney is showing awesome stats that is averaging a career-high 24 minutes this year for playing time. The decision of The Warriors to keep him active on the court will be a good step up to prove his potential, especially with upcoming matches with the Cavs’ frontcourt. Looney is worth checking out with the jump in playtime coming despite a 9.3% usage rate.  Kevon Looney, GS vs. CLE ($14)

Center to Avoid

Steven Adams is pitted against Rudy Gobert. This is not a pleasant matchup for Adams. Gobert is still averaging 13.6 rebounds and 1.7 blocks per game. With this happening, the team has to look into other possible viable centre-player options to improve the game this Friday. Sad to say, taking a chance on Adams is simply not an option. Steven Adams, MEM vs. MIN ($20)

That’s a wrap for now. We will continue to feature NBA highlights here for you guys. We hope that the recent piece of news helped and got you some advantage on your wagers. Just comment below if you’d like us to feature your favourite teams, more info on NBA DFS, and the like. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!

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