Maine Mendoza: BingoPlus’ first female celebrity endorser

Posted by DG, Date posted at November 7, 2022

BingoPlus has just made one of its best moves, yet again, with its decision to have the first female celebrity endorser as Ms. Maine Mendoza among its roster. This decision was coming from having held a successful BingoPlus Day last July. The team behind BingoPlus gladly introduced their next celebrity endorser during BingoPlus Day 2 revealing Ms. Maine Mendoza as their first-ever female celebrity endorser. 

BingoPlus chose the Eat Bulaga host, actress and popular commercial model to join and complement Lucky Manzano in the BingoPlus family. Having Mendoza would be a great addition to the online community of BingoPlus users — who are known to put a premium on entertainment and feel-good moments — is taken to a higher level.

AB Leisure Exponent Inc., (ABLE) President Jasper Vicencio — the company that launched the BingoPlus brand — gladly shared that Mendoza was considered as the best candidate to add to their roster of celebrity endorsers because of her charisma and her irresistible lovability among her fans. He further digressed, “She is a natural entertainer and she can make people happy, effortlessly. As a brand, we are out to spread joy through entertainment and rewarding experiences. It was a no-brainer to choose Maine who has an endearing, effervescent personality.”

Latest interview with Ms. Maine Mendoza

In the latest interview with Ogie Diaz via his YouTube channel (5th of November), Mendoza expressed how she also welcomes this opportunity and was absolutely flattered by the offer.

Mendoza cites that she is very happy that among a lot of possible female celebrity endorsers, she was the one chosen by BingoPlus. She thanks BingoPlus for the chance to promote the game for she also considers bingo as one of her favourite pastimes. Since childhood, she has been familiar with the game just like the rest of the Filipinos. 

She further shared the story that she downloaded the BingoPlus app and found it very user-friendly to play. It’s simple and easy to navigate on the pages. She even topped up PHP100 and enjoyed playing bingo, eventually winning PHP800. An absolutely delightful result that she claims is beginner’s luck with BingoPlus.

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When asked about how to manage a windfall if one gets the jackpot, Mendoza thoughtfully shared her wise insights on the matter. She cautions everyone to avoid spending the winnings like there was no end to it. It is very easy and unwittingly fast to spend so much in such a short span of time. 

She strongly advises folks to set aside a considerable portion of it and invest the remaining amount. Of course, one needs to also have researched and carefully chosen where to invest their winnings. She cites food carts as a good way to go about it since schools have finally opened and it would be just a matter of choosing the right location.

BingoPlus Days special events

Vicencio further reassured the public that there will be ongoing BingoPlus Day events — a live show where audiences can also participate in games and activities online. There will be performers like Morisette Amon, Gloc 9, the Beks Battalion and Ogie Diaz, who hosted the show for the second time.

“BingoPlus Day 2 was more interactive than the first BingoPlus Day”, revealed Vicencio. “Live audiences participated in on-stage games like Pera o Baraha, but online viewers were also able to win cash prizes by answering trivia questions and playing games like “TutokTanong” and The BingoPlus Day 2 Passcode”, Vivencio further digressed.

“BingoPlus Day is our way of thanking our loyal supporters and our way of giving back to them for their patronage. We are constantly exploring new games and new entertainment possibilities to make our user experience more interesting. We plan to hold more fun and exciting entertainment events in the coming months,” Vicencio said. “BingoPlus is also planning for a BingoPlus Night that will be the most exciting show yet, so far.

The live BingoPlus event features cash prizes with the Tutok Tanong game that ranges from P1,000 to P30,000, while the Passcode game has P50,000 just by being the first commenter about the right arrangement of the code. Trivia game P500 for every correct answer.

Absolutely adore how the game of bingo has found a great home for us folks. I tried the app myself and it’s true to form how fun and easy it is to play. Imagine, with just PHP5.00 you can buy a card and have fun while having a chance to also win non-stop prizes galore. BingoPlus is also thoughtful on having its special events knowing that Pinoys love these as well.

Have you tried out BingoPlus, too? Just let us know how you’re enjoying bingo whether it’s via the app or other apps as well as if you’d rather go to a land-based bingo bonanza. Thanks!

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