JRU kicks out John Amores, Referees under investigation

Posted by DG, Date posted at November 19, 2022

November 17, 2022 (Wednesday) – Jose Rizal University (JRU) release a statement that announced the removal of the player, John Anthony Amores from its basketball team. This immediate and final decision came about after he attached College of St. Benilde in a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) game on the 8th of November at the FilOil EcoOil Center in San Juan. The NCAA also suspended Amores and two of the St. Benilde players he punched have filed charges against him. 

JRU John Amores
John Amores. NCAA File Photo

Earlier on, JRU still had plans to mete out an indefinite suspension for Amores but reached its final decision of expulsion from the Heavy Bombers. The final announcement was through a memo posted on the university’s official Facebook page. 

To quote JRU’s memo. “Jose Rizal University wishes to announce, through a special board of inquiry created to look into the incidents that involved its athlete John Anthony Walker Amores, its official findings as to the extent of his liability over the said issues both as a member of the basketball team and as a student subject to the existing academic policies of the University.” 

“Further to our initial statement released on Nov. 9, 2022, Mr. Amores’ indefinite suspension has been upgraded to his removal from the team.”

Adding details to the final blow for Amores, JRU said that he won’t be able to take part in any of the university’s sports programs and all privileges as a student-athlete are cancelled permanently. He will also be suspended from all academic classes and will be asked to render community service as an additional penalty for his actions.

JRU Coach is oddly silent

Louie Gonzalez, JRU Coach for four seasons — and knows the history of Amores’s behaviour — has remained mum on the issue. There was no clear declaration of what his stand is on how Amores’s actions affected all parties.

Being the JRU coach, he should have at least had the foresight in preventing such a violent outburst from Amores. Staying silent could be interpreted negatively since he is the mentor of the JRU basketball team. Clearly, the coaching team has failed to become surrogate parents as this is their role in managing the players.

Earlier on, the representative of JRU in the NCAA’s managing committee (Mancomm) has publicly apologised for Amores’ actions. 

Benilde Blazers vs JRU Heavy Bombers incident November 8, 2022 during NCAA Season 98
Benilde Blazers vs JRU Heavy Bombers incident November 8, 2022 during NCAA Season 98

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Probe ongoing for Referees

NCAA has initiated actions to make sure this issue won’t happen again. They included the referees officiating the game to see if they also played a role that made them accountable for the violent outburst that happened. This can mean that the referees may lead to penalties or sanctions moving forward. 

NCAA Management Committee representative of the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Herc Callanta, who heads the league’s investigation committee, said on Wednesday that they are still looking at things, including the officiating.

“We’re still investigating the issue, we’re still reviewing all things (submitted to the committee),” said Callanta during a press briefing. Included in the attendees were NCAA Policy Board president Dr. Jose Paolo Campos of Season 98 host Emilio Aguinaldo College and NCAA legal counsel Atty. Joseph Noel Estrada.

Referees who officiated the CSB-JRU game on the 8th of November were Ricor Buaron, Roldan Dionson and Karlo Vergara.

Callanta also announced that despite the 10 teams having their own respective sports psychologists, NCAA will move to institutionalize a program to strengthen mental health for athletes. The league also added security personnel inside the playing venue that included police officers. 

Lyceum slams JRU

JRU’s latest match with Lyceum saw a loss. Lyceum’s Enoch Valdez was able to fire through 21 points with seven rebounds, enabling the Lyceum team to advance in the league and have a good lead over JRU, a 79-62 win. Lyceum also gains chances to have the team get a twice-to-beat incentive in the Final Four for the NCAA Season 98 men’s basketball tourney. 

The NCAA semifinals will have the top two teams hold a twice-to-beat bonus against the third and fourth-placer teams in the knockout stage. 

Amores is such a waste of a player. The coaching team is really accountable to direct and establish a solid foundation for the JRU team holistically. There was already a history of outbursts from the said player and it looks like this wasn’t addressed earlier on. Hopefully, he’ll have this as a turning point to change for the better. Any thoughts on this? Just comment below. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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