32.2 Million SMS with Clickable Links Blocked by Globe

Posted by DG, Date posted at October 26, 2022

Metro Manila – 24th of October, 2022. Coming fast and strong on its promise to crush SMS-based fraud made just several weeks ago, Globe has now blocked more than 32.2 million text messages with clickable links. This vividly shows the telco giant’s stance on safety and security as top priorities for their customers. 

Globe blocks 32.2M text scams in 2 weeks
Globe blocks 32.2M text scams in 2 weeks

Anton Bonifacio, Globe’s chief information security officer emphasized the company’s solid decision on this matter with the massive volume of malicious text messages they have blocked from September 28 to October 13. 

Stating clearly, “The amount of text messages with clickable links we blocked within just about two weeks shows the staggering number of spam and scam SMS that disrupt and threaten customers every day. This is empirical proof that our security measure was warranted.”

He added further, “We reiterate our call on our customers to remain vigilant as fraudsters will continue to find ways to circumvent measures that aim to thwart them. Do not engage with SMS from anonymous sources making enticing offers.”

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Headstrong actions to cripple fraud

This isn’t the first move for the Ayala-led telco to do this sweeping measure. From January to September, Globe already blocked 1.3 billion spam and scam messages, surpassing 2021’s 1.15 billion.

The move, however, is a first in the industry, making Globe the first and only telco proactively blocking all person-to-person SMS with clickable links. These measures will be continuing and in effect until the SIM Registration Act is implemented.

With the crunch of the numbers, the monthly tally of blocked SMS has risen to a sharp rise of 295.74% over 9 months, from 68.34 million in January to 270.5 million in September.

Doing these strict and stringent security measures has forced fraudsters to find new ways to deliver their scam messages. This shows how effective Globe’s move was to finally put a stop to the seemingly unending wave of fraudulent interactions.

To date, Globe has spent $20 million or P1.1 billion to further sharpen its spam and scam SMS detection and blocking system. It is a 24/7 task that the company has undertaken and is undeniably seeing results.

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Arming customers with tools to stop and report fraud

Globe not only protects its customers but also empowers them to fight fraud, too. The company released an instructional video on Facebook to teach Android users how to install spam filters on their devices. They also have Digital Thumbprint Program where free e-modules on workshops were provided to students, teachers and parents on how to be responsible digital citizens.

Their #StopSpam portal continues to thrive. This is where customers can proactively report spam and scam messages they receive. This also enables Globe to block more fraudulent sources and reinforce measures to see a further decline in these unwanted messages.

This article shows how inevitably teamwork, dedication and creativity can squelch crime from further progressing. Globe took the initiative to make huge moves that can also spell risks on their end. Such sweeping measures are needed at this point where the spam and scam onslaught is necessary. In the long run, educating the public can have this to a full halt.

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