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Johnhil Francis Villareal
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Hi everyone! The name is Johnhil, but you can call me Jong for short. I’m residing here in Cebu, Philippines and currently working in an IT Company still in the same city. So if you’ll ask me why I am here, then my answer will be as the same as what everyone says, “Trying my luck”. I’m actually new on this kind of games since I was fond to play MMORPG Games before. I’m a typical player for Slot Games and usually plays JILI Slots other than the others since their graphics are more lively and their slots are not that hard to understand when it comes to its gameplay. The games I usually play on my smartphone are SuperAce, MegaAce, Mayan Empire and Jewel Slots. Got my first win like around 10k for just playing those slots, but of course, you can’t always win on this kind of games so technically, I lost more than I won. But anyways, I think this is enough for an Introduction and just be play and be cautious enough! More power to you guys and keep up the good work!

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